Natural Actress Yvette Nicole Brown

Here's an interview from a couple months ago with the actress also known as Shirley from the NBC comedy "Community", Ms. Yvette Nicole Brown.
This is a Curly Nikki interview:

Curly Nikki: Tell us your Hair Story!

Yvette: I've been natural for about 12 years. Before that, I've had every style known to man...relaxers, braids, press & curl, you name it, I had it! I decided to go natural because I realized that my hair had been manipulated or processed in some way from the time I was 6 or 7. Which is true for most of us. Most black women don't know what their natural texture is because most of us have never seen it. Growing up, I always admired the curls of Cree Summer ("A Different World") and Karyn Parsons ("Fresh Prince of Bel Air"). Never knowing that without a relaxer, my hair would curl in exactly the same way. I transitioned before anyone was talking about things like "the big chop". I just let my new-growth continue to come in. A mild texturizer is another way to ease your way into a natural blurs the line between natural and relaxed hair a bit. But it does prolong the time it takes to get to completely natural hair.
Curly Nikki: Have you always liked your curls? If not, how did you come to embrace your natural hair?

Yvette: My hair's pretty thick, so I have always been grateful for it, no matter what form it's in (pressed, relaxed, natural, etc...) But natural hair is my favorite because it's healthier and can withstand most weather conditions. Rain doesn't scare me. LOL! And though it may get bigger when faced with humidity, I love big hair so I just let it swell! :)

Curly Nikki: What would you tell a woman who has yet to embrace her natural curls?

I feel like every black woman should go natural at least once in her life, just to see what she has! As I said before, most of us don't know what's growing out of our heads because we've been processed most of our lives. If you go natural and your texture is something you can't or don't wanna work with every morning, then it's easy to go back to a press or relaxer or braids. But what if you have a beautiful head of kinky/curly spirals or ringlets just waiting to have their moment to shine? All curly/kinky heads of hair are different; but I find them all to beautiful! The journey from processed to natural is not easy, if you don't opt for the "big chop" the transition process could take over a year. But I've found that seeing my hair grow out of my head in its unruly, crazy way is freeing. My hair is big, wild and crazy just like me. It's I am unique. It's truly something cool to embrace...if only for a little while. :)


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