Not Just A Phase!

One of my church buddies come to my job often to do some work on our public computers. He came to me yesterday at work and we started to talk about church and what not. Then I asked him, "Have you noticed all of the Naturals at church, isn't it amazing?" This dude said, "It's just a Phase. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful thing, but it won't be for long." I looked at him like what are you talking about?! I knew what he was saying and maybe it is just a phase for some of them, but I'm like WHATEVER, my Natural hair will NOT be damaged again. The abuse is over! He then said, "Next thing you know, all of you will be putting perms on your hair." So then, I nearly went psycho. I told him exactly what I was thinking. My curls will not be straightened by a perm, or any type of chemical for that matter. He knew I was serious, but he said that he isn't so sure about everyone else. Which is cool, but he better recognize! I'm sure some of you have heard this too, SMH.  


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