The Outcome: Dad & My Natural

Well, I told you yesterday that my Dad was going to see my natural hair for the first time since I was like ten years old. My Dad stays on the eastcoast, I stay in the south. For more on all of this feel free to read my post from yesterday. So...on to the main point. He finally saw it yesterday evening. When he first saw me, he didn't even say anything. Just hugged me, and talked crap like always.

Then I looked at him and said with a smile, "Soooo, what do you think of my Natural?" He said, I got to get use to it. lol I was thinking WTH are you talking about. I guess from all of those years of having straight hair he didn't know what to think. Which is just fine, because this hair isn't going anywhere. Eventually he said it's look fine. He did make fun a little though. lol My Dad is a piece of work too.


  1. So now you should do an update about how he feels about it now. Has he seen you in pics or person since all this dramatic growth?


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