TODAY: I am 7 Months NATURAL

7 Mths Natural - (My Puff)

Yeah, it's okay to go into the kitchen and grab your favorite glass of drink. Whether it's champagne, cranberry juice, or sprite! It's time to celebrate my 7 Month of Completely Natural Hair. I'm excited, and blessed to have the hair on my head. I can tell you that it is true for someone to be in love with their hair, because I am. I've seen so much growth these months, and it has been an awesome journey.

4th Month Natural
I must say, like I've said before, my hair is LONGER now, THEN it was before I did the 'BC' seven months ago! I know it sounds remarkable, but it's the truth. My hair is growing. Even my puff is getting bigger. I love it! I wish more people would stop abusing (perming) their hair so they can embrace the most lovely thing God given them, and that's the hair on top of your head.

Take the time to really get to know you! Once again, a big warm HUG goes to all of the Naturals. Whether you're a newly Natural or you've been Natural all of your life and decided to stay. I want to say Thank you for doing it, and stick in there. Me going Natural is absolutely one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

I will never go back!

A BIG Thanks goes to those who inspired me:

Youtubers: BlackOnyx77, LoveIslandBeauty, Kimmaytube, NoLyeJustCurls, etc.
My Readers
& Writers

Thank YOU!


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