Why Don't More Women Go Natural!

I have two jobs and one of my jobs is a public place, and I am thankful to work in a public area. One is because I get to interact with different people, by that I mean, different nationalities, personalities, cultures overall. I work with all types of people, which is great. I was approached by one of my favorite co-workers who is Caucasian, and she always tells me how she love to see women wear their Natural Hair.

Well, today she asked me, "Why Black Women Don't Wear Their Natural Hair?" This is by far one of the hardest questions I've ever been asked since doing the 'BC'.
  1. The first thing I could think of is that women are accustomed to the Look of straight hair. That's really all they know. Their hair was permed for so long, they forgot how their hair/texture is, and really don't care about getting back to it's Natural state, in order for it to grow long and healthy. It's all they know, "Straight Hair"!
  2. Some women straighten their hair, because they think that it's more acceptable, when in reality Natural hair is one of the most beautiful things God given us, and is very acceptable. It is actually more acceptable between other races than our own. Weird Huh!? I've personally have received more compliments in one day from other races than my own.
  3. Some people believe that straight hair is more manageable. Not True. In fact, Our [Natural] hair is easier to work with and keep healthy when you have taken the time out to understand your curls. Straight hair needs constant maintenance in order for it to keep from breaking. Many women do not have a good hair regimen for their permed hair, that's why their hair stays at shoulder length or shorter.
  4. Most are scared of what others may think. It's like a self-esteem issue. What will so-and-so think? Will they still like me? Will I be ugly? They're unsure of themselves and their true beauty.
  5. A lack of knowledge about Natural Hair! This one should have been my number one, because people do not know anything about Natural hair. They think it's this, they think it's that...They think it's a meaning of being pro black...NO! That's not the case. For some maybe, but not I! I did it for healthy hair. I want my hair to grow beautifully...Naturally! I know it will, and there's nothing wrong with it. My hair has grown faster than it ever has before. I love my Culture, TRUE TRUE! But I love what God has given me More!
  6. Many women see the celebrities on television or music videos and they want to be just like that, yeah believe it. Grown Women see other Grown Women and say, I want that! {Yep, I was that same woman before}The media has a way of promoting what is not good for us. The creator of the perm had no clue 'at first' of what damage would result from it, but it was made mainstream and women just don't care...till this day. They want that look. So it sells. Women with straighter hair are promoted hard. So our hair will never be at it's full extent. To manage a certain look God didn't give us will take manipulation.
  7. One more thing. I've heard women say. I like wearing my weave! lol Well, you can do the same with Natural hair. Actually, you can do all of the same things, plus more. I wouldn't recommend straightening the hair daily for anyone, but in the end it's your preference.
There are many other reasons why women do not choose to grow their hair Naturally, here are just the few out of many! My Opinion/My Blog


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