Words of Encouragement!

Attention all my lovely Naturals! Whether you're proud of your hair, or mad at your hair. Let it Be. God gave it to you, and God does not make mistakes. It's a reason why he gave you those gorgeous Curls. It's to show them, express them, love them. Each and every strand. If you're feeling discouraged. Please know that you're hair can and will grow. No matter the texture. Sure you want your hair to grow long like Becky's...Well it can! Believe that! Just treat your hair kindly. Wash it weekly, Moisturize it daily...or hourly, Please Remember! Water is our friend. If it's long, Do Not pull it too tightly, Protective style it, and just treat it like it's the most important thing to you. It will grow.

For those who have recently did the big chop, You'll soon realize that you've made one of the best decisions in your life. Take pictures every month. You'll see growth. Never once think to yourself. "My hair is not growing, What did I do?" Give your hair time to grow, give your scalp the time to breath and feel relieved from years of mistreatment. Doing the BC or Transitioning After years of perming your hair is similar to a person who is finally freed from an abusive relationship. It's in shock, it's happy, but scared. You need to let your scalp do the work, but assist it! Don't damage your hair or scalp any longer by harsh chemicals. This was the main reason for all that breakage in the first place. Why Go Back to that Abusive Relationship?!

Love your hair. Embrace your Hair. You did not make a mistake by going Natural. You've actually made a wise decision. Now go in the kitchen, grab a glass, pour your favorite drink...Even if it's Sprite, and make a toast for the future of BEAUTIFUL NATURAL HAIR!



  1. Girl!!!
    You're so a motivation!
    I'm French... And YES! You succeed: you make me want to have my hair back to natural! Make some noise people LOL. That girl is pretty convincing...


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