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Look of the Day!


From 'BC' to 7 1/2 Months Natural (pics)

I must really love you, because I'm going to reveal some pics that are not cute! lol I'm doing this for a reason though, so it's all Good, Right?! lol I'm cracking myself up right now...silly me. Well, as you all know, I did the Big Chop July 28th 2011. I am actually 8 months Natural, but I haven't posted any recent pics of my growth. I'm currently rocking kinky-twist, but the pic below was taken only a week before putting them take a look at my growth! CHEERS TO NATURAL HAIR!

Like I said, I look a mess in these pics! lol ...but the good news is that my sides grew back after being damaged from perms, etc. Since my BC, alot of great things have been going on with my hair, and I'm seeing so much growth. I will never go back!

Tiffney Pollard's (New York) -Natural Photoshoot

A few months ago I posted an article about Tiffney Pollard (New York from "Flavor of Love") rocking the Natural Look...well here's some video of her photoshoot! Take a Look.

Chrisette Michele Changed it up!

Ms. Chrisette Michele was recently spotted with a new do! She's going for the longer natural look. There's nothing wrong with changing up the look. Good for her...What do you think about her new Look? I must say, alot of naturals that rock their natural curls faithfully, when deciding to weave it, for the most part...the Natural Texture of weave is chosen first. Do you agree...What do you think?

Quote of the Day!

Don't limit yourself! Folks say the sky is the limit, but there are footprints on the moon! -Shren, NATURAL EXPRESSION

Hair of the Day

I haven't done a "Hair of the Day" in a while. So here we are...a lovely tiny braided updo. I love it! What do you think? Would you rock it? Picture Source

A Hair Story: PrettyDimples01 - Part I

It was a huge pleasure to interview one of the most well-known inspirational naturals of today, for my section of "A Hair Story, Ms. PrettyDimples01! No matter where you turn, if you ask, Who is your favorite natural on YouTube, Who taught you how to do that hairstyle, or Who helped encourage you on your Natural Hair Journey? The answer will be, PrettyDimples01...believe it! She was so kind to let me interview her about her lovely Hair Journey. This is just Part I :-) ... I hope you become inspired!
Be sure to watch a couple of her tutorials below. For contact information, Reach PrettyDimples01 through her Youtube Channel
Also, visit her website and be sure to make a purchase @

Facts: PrettyDimples01 has over 41,000 YouTube subscribers, and almost 2 million channel views alone. This total does not include her individual informational tutorial views. She helps Naturals by each video she posts, showing us that we can rock our hair in any way! She has her…

Youtubers: 2-Strand Twist Method


A Hair Story: Michael Stutson (@StuddaBudda)

I would like to present to you Mr. Michael Stutson, or to most Studda Budda, a remarkable "Multi-Talented" fellow resigning in Oklahoma City. Studda was so kind to let me interview him on his Hair Journey....I Hope you become inspired! Be sure to watch his new video below. For more info, etc. Follow him on Twitter  @StuddaBudda
Natural Expression: How long have you been Natural?
Studda Budda: I've been going natural for about 6 yrs. When I think about it, I started growing my hair naturally for a year. I'll say around ' it dreaded up for about 3 years, and then cut it out of stupidity, and just 2 go wit a natural fro for a year.  Coming up on my one year anniversary next month.
Natural Expression: How did you go natural? BC, Transition, Locs
Studda Budda: From fro 2 locs, I've always wanted them....had 'em a few times growing up, but nothing serious.
Natural Expression:What are your thoughts about Natural Hair? Studda Budda: I love my hair....I feel it …

Natural Realization: What I've Noticed!

I've been Natural for 8 months today... and I must say that on this 8th month journey, I've noticed something and I'm going to share it with you, because I really feel like I'm not the only one who've had this issue. Anyways, to the point. Around the time of my 'BC' (Big Chop) July 28th, the first products I used were Carol's Daughter. I used the  shampoo/conditioner/moisturizer, you name it. I used these products because that was all I really knew of at the time. I knew that I didn't want to use anything I was already using. I wanted to start over completely. Well, when I started to use this product line. I fell in love immediately. My hair was soft, and my hair just loved it. Not anymore, that has all changed. I can't use the same products anymore, how weird. I mean, when my hair

THANK You & Welcome :-)

I want to Thank every one of my friends (blog followers), and visitors...Welcome! :-) Be sure to comment, and suscribe. I really want to hear from you.
P.S. Where's Scillamae?!

YouTuber's Tutorial - Stretching Hair


8 Months Natural, YAY!

Yes! I am 8 months Natural as of March 28th. As many of you can imagine I am beyond excited. Many can't go 8 weeks w/o the creamy crack...guess what, I've been 8 months w/o that crap, and you can too (If You haven't already)!  My hair is at it's best condition than ever before and it's actually longer right now than before I did the BC. It's neck length...although I am currently rocking kinky-twist as a protective style I know my hair is growing. I have new growth only three weeks of having this style. I still wash my hair with this style. My message to you: Do not change your hair regimen because of a hairstyle, stick to it. Afterall, this is what maintains your length.I will keep these twists in for a couple more weeks then out they go. I told you guys I miss my hair,  plus I'm anxious to see the length with this new growth. I can't wait to deep condition it too. I will post pics of my length too. :-)

Less is More w/ Children's Hair

Below is a great article I found, by Del Sandeen, I just added a few pics, but it seems to me that parents these days are trying to make their young children look like adults. Many of them are doing away with soft hair bows, and yarn like my mama use to do, and now they're adding weaves, and all types of stuff. I thought it will be important to get on this subject, because folks are losing their minds, while their children are losing their hair. We need to come to grips and let folks know that your child is a child...let them grow and have a choice on their hair. Whether they want a perm, or not! Don't break it off before they get a chance to work with their own hair. Just like your hair, chemicals are not good, and heavy weaves are definitely no good for young scalps. Read the passage below, hopefully it helps! 
For whatever reason, there are parents out there who aren't happy with how their child's hair looks. These are very young kids, usually under the age of three.…

Jill Scott 'Shame Video'

Jill Scott is preparing for her new album release (The Light of the Sun) later on this year with the making of her first single 'Shame' not only did she shoot it in her home state...Philly that is, but she went back to the Natural look. As you may already know, Jill recently cut her hair off. She's currently rocking a very short cropped look. Well not in her new video.

Locs or Dreadlocks? What do you call 'em?

The name of this chosen hairstyle varies. Depending on where someone stay, or how they've been accustomed to call them, or whatever the case. They're called how that person feel. I read a book that was not only inspirational, but it opened my eyes to the true meaning of dreadlocks. After reading that, I promised myself that I will call them locs for now on. No Biggy...but the word "Dread" doesn't have a positive meaning.
I dread going to this meeting. I dread this time change.I dreaded ever being in that relationshipFeel Me?

Well, I would love to know what you call this type of Hairstyle & Why?
Leave a Comment Below

Natural Hair hits the Runway

Karen Walker Spring 2011 Fashion Show Pic Source: NaturalBelle

I miss my Hair :-(

I know in this picture it's hard to tell, but I really miss my hair. As you may know, I got kinky-twist about two or three weeks ago. Yeah, they haven't been in long and they've finally loosened up. I just miss styling my hair, washing, rubbing and touching it....problem. I have the fingers to hair syndrome and that's one of the reasons why I got them and to protect my hair from this weather, etc. I know I am not the only one who have this crazy thought of missing their hair once styled this way. lol
I have washed my kinky-twist and I use a oil and water mixed spray as well, so my hair is still getting it's moisture. I just can't wait to see my hair again in a few weeks. Oh yeah, and I'll be 8 months Natural March 28th yay! BIG UPS TO NATURAL HAIR!!!!

A Hair Story: Rodgerika (Iamsonotmyhair)

I am honored to feature Ms. Rodgerika's  "Hair Story". You may know her by "Iamsonotmyhair" on YouTube, or through her t-Shirt business, "Loving Me Tee's." Rodgerika was so kind to let me interview her to discuss her lovely Hair Journey. I hope you become inspired! Be sure to visit & order t-shirts from Loving Me Tee'sCLICK HERE & Visit Rodgerika through her YouTube Channel @ Iamsonotmyhair, or CLICK HERE!
Natural Expression: How long have you been natural? Iamsonotmyhair: I have been fully natural since September 11, 2010.
Natural Expression: What made you decide to go natural? Iamsonotmyhair: I am very versatile when it comes to my hair, but my styling options ran out. I found myself in a hair rut. I would relax one week, put in a phony pony the next week, wig it the third and fourth week and repeat. Aside from that, I always wanted long hair, and for some reason my hair never grew past a certain length anyway. I grew bored of my routine…

Music for the Day!


Look of the Day! -Rip the Runway

These two ladies have complete style and class...I've always said that a woman can be sexy and classy at the same time. Here are two examples from the Rip the Runway Party! I couldn't just choose one so I put both as the "Look of the Day". Anyone can recreate this style, but you can not recreate the confidence. Have your own, and rock it Naturally!

What's up with Chris Brown!

This morning Chris Brown allegendly went left/crazy/freaked out backstage Good Morning America. They said he broke out a window, and walked out of the studio shirtless after being asked a question by Robin Roberts about the Rhianna situation. I hope everything ends well.

My Relaxed to Natural


A HAIR STORY: Shila Cheadle

I am happy to feature my friend Shila Cheadle as the second Natural of "A Hair Story". She was so kind to let me interview her on her lovely Hair Journey.
You will be inspired! If you would like to ask Shila anything, you can reach her through FaceBook.
Natural Expression: How long have you been Natural?
Shila: I have been natural since April of 2010.

Natural Expression: What made you start your Natural Hair Journey? Shila: My decision to go natural wasn't for any particular reason. I went natural simply because I wanted too. It was something I've always wanted to do and I knew that at the right moment I would do it, without hesitation.

Natural Expression: How did you go Natural? BC...Transitioned...locs Shila: I'm very versatile when it comes to my hair. So before making the big chop, I decided to rock a short hairstyle (mo-hawk, with shaved sides) for awhile. Eventually, with maybe 2 inches of new growth, I cut all the perm out and started my natural journey.



Have you ever considered telling "YOUR HAIR STORY" to inspire other Naturals on their hair journey. Well, you can!

NATURAL EXPRESSION wants "Your Hair Story"! :-)

Help tell your story to encourage Naturals all around the world. Please go to the "Your Hair Story" Tab above or Click Here for more details.

HAIR: Hot or Cold Water?!

"Should I use Hot or Cold Water while washing my hair?"
This is a familiar question...I'm here to tell you, you should never wash any part of your body in water so hot that it hurts your skin. Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong. So what ever you do, listen to it! If you're washing your hair and the water hurts your scalp, lower the temperature.

Take into Account that...
Using cold water as a final rinse causes some problems as well. While others have claimed that using cold water as a final rinse made their hair shinier as the cold water closes the hair cuticles. For some, using cold water made their hair limp, and somewhat life-less after washes. I would suggest you to use luke warm water and a great all natural hair shampoo, and (or) conditioner. If you prefer something else besides an all natural products, go with water works best for you.

Did you Know: Beauty Facts

Did you know: Putting a cold teabag on top of each eye everyday reduces and prevents having dark circles around the eyes.

Quote of the Day:

Don't remove the kinnks from your hair, remove them from your brain. -Marcus Garvey

Solange's Hair Blowed-Out

As you all know, Solange Knowles has been wearing extentions for a little while to let her hair grow out. That's the best thing about protective styling. You can leave your hair alone for a while and when you take it down, you'll see growth. As of now, I'm wearing kinky-twist. At first, I was very tempted to take them down. Yes, Only after two days of getting them done, because I missed my hair, but I knew that I needed to take time from touching my hair so much. I can't help it! I love my hair.
Anyways, Solange recently tweeted this... 
"Goodnight world.... Its them juices, berries and poetic justice braids that grew my sh*t out."

Here's a more recent picture of her hair growth. She looks great.

Hair of the Day!

The lovely twist-out! Yes it takes time to do, but it comes out so lovely when it's moisturized...and it's worth the time doing. I create this style when I want a few days to relax from the other styles. You can do pretty much anything with this style, such as, pulled up on one side/both sides, or pulled up in the back, etc. Make the style your own, and look great. Naturally!
Source: My Natural Styles

Natural Hair: Beyonce

As I've said before, no one knows how long Beyonce's Natural hair is, or do we know if she wears it or not. I was once told that she wears lace front wigs 80% of the time she's seen. Which is just fine to me, because it's not damaging her hair at all. Here's a pic that I found...and it looks pretty Natural to me.

A Hair Story: Kendal S. Turner

I am honored to have Mrs. Kendal S. Turner a remarkable "Multi-Talented" Author/Poet/Model  as the first Natural of my new Edition of "A Hair Story". Kendal was so kind to let me interview her on her lovely Hair Journey....I hope you become inspired! Be sure to watch a couple of her poems below. For contact information, Reach Kendal through her Facebook  @KendalSTurner (Twitter)
Natural Expression:How long have you been Natural?
Kendal: I have been natural for about 4 1/2 years now.
Natural Expression: What made you start your loc journey? Kendal: Since I was about 13 years old, I have suffered from psoriasis of the scalp. Psoriasis is a really bad dandruff condition. My momma put my first perm on my head when I was about 5 years old, and it changed the texture of my hair. I think the chemicals made my scalp condition worse so I decided to go the natural route and its proven to be very therapeutic thus far.
Natural Expression: What are your thoughts on Natural Hair? Kend…