8 Months Natural, YAY!

Yes! I am 8 months Natural as of March 28th. As many of you can imagine I am beyond excited. Many can't go 8 weeks w/o the creamy crack...guess what, I've been 8 months w/o that crap, and you can too (If You haven't already)! 

My hair is at it's best condition than ever before and it's actually longer right now than before I did the BC. It's neck length...although I am currently rocking kinky-twist as a protective style I know my hair is growing. I have new growth only three weeks of having this style. I still wash my hair with this style. My message to you: Do not change your hair regimen because of a hairstyle, stick to it. Afterall, this is what maintains your length.

I will keep these twists in for a couple more weeks then out they go. I told you guys I miss my hair,  plus I'm anxious to see the length with this new growth. I can't wait to deep condition it too. I will post pics of my length too. :-)


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