The Dangers of Hair Dye

The Dangers:
Coloring your hair can seriously damage its composition. Making the hair brittle, dry, dull, and unmanageable. This happens more when the hair is lightened, mainly when bleach is involved. This very harsh chemical removes the pigment of the hair leaving the shaft empty and susceptible to breakage, spit ends, and unwanted shedding.

Hair Survival:
There are things you can do to avoid further damage.
  • You can simply not dye your hair at all. This is the main way to not even get involved in the hair drama.
  • Use henna hair dye, it's all natural and actually conditions the hair while dying it.
  • Click Here to find out more information on Henna Dye.
  • If your hair is already dyed. Start Deep Conditioning your hair more often then usual. About once a week with a natural conditioning product. Also co-wash throughout the week.
  • Go the extra mile when caring for your hair!


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