A Few Books Naturals Must Read!

Right after I did the 'BC' I was unsure of what products to use, and what my journey would be like, but I knew deep down in my heart that I would never go back to the hair abuse (perms)!

Almost 2 years later, here I am! Happy as ever before with my natural hair and so much length. Before going natural, I was the woman who had every hairstyle you can think of. I've had 'em all, except the shaved off sides I guess. lol

In the beginning, I needed some encouragement to go natural, because it seemed like no one around me was doing it except one person, who was already natural. I spoke to my co-worker at the time who's been Natural for over 5 years, and she gave me a book that helped her during her journey, called, "Going Natural" this book helped me out tremendously...as well as the other below!

Here Are a list of Books I HIGHLY recommend everyone to read! Not only naturals. I've read them all, and can't say one bad thing about them. These books are for everyone. Whether you're Natural, Transitioning, Black/African American, want to know more about your culture/hair etc. Read these books. They all motivated me & encouraged me, made me aware of chemicals, bad ingredients, hair textures, history, and opened up the door of realization on many levels, Everyone needs this! Go to your local library and check 'em out!

"HAIR STORY" Is the Best Book on this list!!! MUST READ

More to Come!


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