Folks Don't Get it!

Solange Knowles (Recent Natural)
I've recently had a conversation with a friend who apparently don't understand why women are going Natural. I personally don't know everyone's reason, but I know mine, and it's probably most of their reason as well. Women are just not going Natural Now. Women have been Natural. The thing is that, once they see someone they know do it (go natural)...they start to pay more attention to it. For instance, If I bought a Silver 2008 BMW right now, all of a sudden my friends/associates will be noticing this type of car. Saying, "I thought I saw you driving down the street, but it wasn't you." This happens because people don't notice something until one has done it or have it, although it has been there all along. Get It? Got It? Good!

I went Natural, because I was tired of hair breakage, and tired of the permed look in general. I wanted to express myself through my hair that God given me. I wanted to go Natural about 3 years ago, but was holding myself back. I regret this majorly. I wish I would have done it a long time ago. I've always loved the way our Natural hair curled, how fast it grows and the multiple, countless styles that can be accomplished through natural hair. I wanted to be free from all of the hair abuse (perms, chemicals, etc.)


  1. I like this post! I think it's a little of both actually. When I went natural, I did start to notice a lot of other naturals. But I also believe that more people are finding the courage to go natural now(something they might have contemplated doing for quite some time but was afraid to do)because the natural hair community is expanding. Yeah!!

  2. Thanks lady, and you're more than right. It is both. More women are going Natural and it's such an amazing thing. Everytime I see a Natural women I feel like women are finally realizing that this is the way to go!


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