From 'BC' to 7 1/2 Months Natural (pics)

I must really love you, because I'm going to reveal some pics that are not cute! lol
I'm doing this for a reason though, so it's all Good, Right?! lol
I'm cracking myself up right now...silly me.
Well, as you all know, I did the Big Chop July 28th 2011. I am actually 8 months Natural, but I haven't posted any recent pics of my growth. I'm currently rocking kinky-twist, but the pic below was taken only a week before putting them take a look at my growth! CHEERS TO NATURAL HAIR!
2 Months Natural

7 1/2 Months Natural


Like I said, I look a mess in these pics! lol
...but the good news is that my sides grew back after being damaged from perms, etc.
Since my BC, alot of great things have been going on with my hair, and I'm seeing so much growth.
I will never go back!


  1. dgerika7:05 AM

    Same here. One side of my hair had stopped growing and started thinning in the front. I didn't think it would grow back, but after I quit relaxing, its growing like wildflower! *Tip: Castor oil helps to thicken also.

  2. Thanks sis, so is that okay to put directly on the scalp ( my sides )?


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