A Hair Story: Kendal S. Turner

I am honored to have Mrs. Kendal S. Turner a remarkable "Multi-Talented" Author/Poet/Model  as the first Natural of my new Edition of "A Hair Story". Kendal was so kind to let me interview her on her lovely Hair Journey....I hope you become inspired!
Be sure to watch a couple of her poems below.
For contact information, Reach Kendal through her Facebook
 @KendalSTurner (Twitter)

Natural Expression: How long have you been Natural?
Kendal: I have been natural for about 4 1/2 years now.

Natural Expression: What made you start your loc journey?
Kendal: Since I was about 13 years old, I have suffered from psoriasis of the scalp. Psoriasis is a really bad dandruff condition. My momma put my first perm on my head when I was about 5 years old, and it changed the texture of my hair. I think the chemicals made my scalp condition worse so I decided to go the natural route and its proven to be very therapeutic thus far.

Natural Expression: What are your thoughts on Natural Hair?
Kendal: I think natural hair is beautiful. It has to be one of the most liberating things next to poetry that I could have done for myself. It takes a lot of confidence to pull it off though.

Natural Expression: Would you ever go back to your hair before? Why?
Kendal: I would never go back to chemicals. Never. If I ever decided to cut my locs off, I would just go back to an Afro but never a perm. My scalp is healthier, my hair grows faster and I'm loving the look!

Natural Expression: Did your locks change you?
Kendal: I wouldn't say that my locs changed me, but they have given me a different "swagger" so to speak. I think I'm more confident and secure in who I am with the locs. When I had a perm, I didn't know how to curl my hair, let alone style it. Locs give me way more freedom to do me!

Natural Expression: What would you like to tell someone who's considered locking their hair?
Kendal: I would tell them to make sure they are positive its what they want to do. Once you loc there's no going back. I would suggest they rock an Afro with little twist first and if they like the look then go ahead and lock it up!

Natural Expression: Do you use any products? What is your hair regimen?
Kendal: I wash my hair once a week because of my scalp. I don't use nor have I ever used any kind of bees wax. My hair locked on its own. The only thing I organic root stimulating olive oil and Glover's dandruff control grease. I use Glover's dandruff shampoo as well. It works wonders for my scalp.
I want to Thank Kendal again for all that she's done, and continue to do...my new friend! Much love to ya.
-Shren, Natural Expression


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