A HAIR STORY: Shila Cheadle

Shila Cheadle
I am happy to feature my friend Shila Cheadle as the second Natural of "A Hair Story". She was so kind to let me interview her on her lovely Hair Journey.
You will be inspired!
If you would like to ask Shila anything, you can reach her through FaceBook.

Natural Expression: How long have you been Natural?
Shila: I have been natural since April of 2010.
Natural Expression: What made you start your Natural Hair Journey?
Shila: My decision to go natural wasn't for any particular reason. I went natural simply because I wanted too. It was something I've always wanted to do and I knew that at the right moment I would do it, without hesitation.
Natural Expression: How did you go Natural? BC...Transitioned...locs
Shila: I'm very versatile when it comes to my hair. So before making the big chop, I decided to rock a short hairstyle (mo-hawk, with shaved sides) for awhile. Eventually, with maybe 2 inches of new growth, I cut all the perm out and started my natural journey.

Natural Expression: What are your thoughts on Natural Hair?
Shila: India Arie said it best, "I am not my hair!" Being natural is a beautiful thing, for me, this is the way my hair is suppose to be. And I tell people everyday, this is who I am, it may look "nappy" to you but to me it's perfect! It's a choice, embrace your beauty, whether it be natural or relaxed.
Natural Expression: Did going natural change you in any way?
Shila: Being natural hasn't changed me so I will say evolving. It is contributing to the beautiful, PROUD, young black women I am today. I have also met some wonderful people within a year of being natural and each person has brought insight to my world of natural hair. Although I am answering these questions about being natural, I will have a different answer each time because it's that liberating. Every month that my hair is growing, so am I

Natural Expression: What would you tell someone who's considering natural hair? And why they should?
Shila: I would say, "DO IT!" My slogan is Chemical Free, Is The Way To Be! It's less expensive, healthy, fun, free, and just damn great! Most importantly be positive, always do what makes you happy! If it's relaxed hair so be it, if it's natural hair power to you!

Natural Expression:
What products are you currently using?
Shila: When it comes to products, I am a product junkie. I have tried it all, Cantu products, Carol's daughter, pretty much everything. For the first year of being natural, you have to figure out what's best for your hair. I always read the labels to see what ingredients are in the product because many are harsh to our fragile hair. So as of now I'm still looking for whats best for my hair, Kinky-Curly products are being shipped and processed right now

Natural Expression: What's your hair regimen now & your favorite hair style?
Shila: I don't wash (shampoo) my hair often, but I do co-wash once a week. A hot oil treatment is done every month, no heat (sit-under blow-dryer), the oil gets hot when in contact with water. Because I have dyed my hair a few times (I don't suggest this), my hair is often dry at times, so I always keep my handy dandy spray bottle in reach with a mixture of water, olive oil, Shea butter, and other oils to keep it moisturized. My favorite hair style is Bantu/Zulu knots!!

I want to Thank Shila again for being such an amazing young woman. Much love to ya lady. Stay on your Lovely Hair Journey! -Shren, Natural Expression


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