Natural Realization: What I've Noticed!

I've been Natural for 8 months today...
I must say that on this 8th month journey, I've noticed something and I'm going to share it with you, because I really feel like I'm not the only one who've had this issue. Anyways, to the point. Around the time of my 'BC' (Big Chop) July 28th, the first products I used were Carol's Daughter. I used the  shampoo/conditioner/moisturizer, you name it. I used these products because that was all I really knew of at the time. I knew that I didn't want to use anything I was already using. I wanted to start over completely. Well, when I started to use this product line. I fell in love immediately. My hair was soft, and my hair just loved it. Not anymore, that has all changed. I can't use the same products anymore, how weird. I mean, when my hair
was in a smaller TWA, the products worked fine. I stopped using those specific Carol's Daughter products around my 5th month of being Natural, because I noticed my hair becoming drier, and lifeless right after applying the products to my hair.

I didn't want to believe that the products I used regularly wasn't working anymore. I didn't understand, but now I know that your hair changes while it's growing, not all products work forever. Maybe the products changed. I now use Curls Products, and SheaMoisture Deep Conditioning Mask. Curls Products have not failed me. I will continue to use Curls products. I spoke with a friend at a recent hair forum about this subject, and she said that she changes her hair regimen about every 6 months because of this same issue. I'm not sure exactly why this happens, but once I find will! Until then if you've been using a product and then all of a sudden it seem like that product just isn't working. Don't force it! If your hair is becoming hard/brittle/lifeless. Stop using the product. Your hair is telling you something...listen to it! :-)


  1. iamsonotmyhair7:20 AM

    I noticed that too with some gels. As my hair is growing, some gels are just too thick and so now I'm leaning towards thinner gels.


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