Would I be crazy if...!?

Okay...As you know, I got my hair put into Kinky-Twist (w/ weave) about two days ago. I honestly want to take them down already. Like seriously, they're too tight and I feel like they're pulling my hair out tremendously. Maybe I'm tripping, but I have small bumps around the nape of my neck because of them being pulled.

What should I do...I'm not use to this, and besides. I paid alot of money for this style.

What Would You Do?


  1. the little bumps happened to me too. they will go away. i am not one to throw away money, so i would leave them up for at least 3 weeks. don't let yourself be miserable though.

  2. Hey Najah, yeah. I'm thinking about keeping them in until mid April, and then they're gone. I miss my hair too, and I'm afraid that it's being pulled. Lesson Learned


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