9 Months Natural...YAY!

I will be exactly 9 months Natural tomorrow, April 28th!
I am so excited, because I've seen so much growth and time is racing.
In the beginning of my journey a fellow Natural told me that it'll zoom by...it really has. I remember my 'Big Chop' like it was yesterday. I absolutely love my hair, and I'm so happy that I made this decision 9 months ago :-)

Well, Here are a few pics along my journey.
I hope it inspires someone out there.
Love + Natural Hair = Healthy Hair
2 Months Natural
4 Months Natural

9 Mths Natural (Current)
P.S. I have serious hang-time. lol
Do not let the Shrinkage fool you.
Naturals, y'all know what I mean!


  1. Rodgerika9:48 AM

    Congrats lady! Time really does go by quickly. Your hair has really flourished. I just count my natural hair growth months. I will be 1yr post relaxer in May, yay!

  2. Thanks lady. CONGRATS ON YOUR YEAR!!! please tell me when you've reached a full year. Your hair journey has been a lovely one as well. I'll be a year July 28th :-) it's exciting.


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