Addressing the Polls :-)

Hey Beautiful, I thought this would be a great time to address the polls here on Natural Expression. If you haven't taken any of the four, go ahead. They're located on the far right side of this page. I wanted to address what visitors and my fellow Natural friends have answered, and give my opinions, etc. So Okay, Let's get to it! :-)

1st Poll Question:

Are you Natural?
  • 143 people chose, Yes and I love it (85%).
  • 23 people  chose, Thinking about it (13%).
  • 2 people chose, I don't know about going natural (1%)
  • 2 people chose, I will never go natural (1%)
  • 0 people chose, What is natural hair? (0%) 
My Observation/Opinion:
Well, I love what the majority answered, and it makes me smile, because I know that our hair is finally being accepted and worn with pride. I am also excited to know that more than half of the people that have came across Natural Expression can relate to what I post. I love knowing that my fellow Naturals are being informed, and that's my mission. Much love to you all.

2nd Poll Question:

How long have you been Natural?
  • 14 people chose, Less than 5 months (28%).
  • 13 people  chose, 5 - 12 months (26%).
  • 7 people chose, A little over a year (14%)
  • 12 people chose, Between 1 - 5 years (24%)
  • 5  people chose, Over 5 years Baby? (4%) 
My Observation/Opinion:
As you can see, there are more newly naturals that answered this one, less than 5 months to be exact. This furthur let me know what I need to address. Yet again, very exciting!

3rd Poll Question:

How many women do you know with Natural Hair?
  • 0 people chose, None (0%).
  • 24 people chose, About 1 - 5 (26%).
  • 10 people chose, About 6 - 10 (10%)
  • 11 people chose, 10+ Baby (24%)
My Observation/Opinion:
I am happy to see that knowing 10 or more women with natural hair isn't far behind , that is such a beautiful thing.

Tell me what are your opinions on the Poll answers.


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