A Hair Story: Amanda (Lethal Pleazure)

Ms. Amanda G. a.k.a LethalPleazure, is one of the best Natural Hair Vlogger's I've seen
& I am honored to feature her for this week's "A Hair Story". 
She was so kind to let me interview her on her lovely Hair Journey.
The video below shows her journey from relaxed to natural, be sure to watch.
You will be inspired.
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If you'll like to ask her a question about her journey, 
Feel free to reach her through her Youtube Channel.
Lethal Pleazure's Channel

Natural Expression: How long have you been natural?
Lethal Pleazure: I have been natural for 1year and 6 months, but actually growing my hair for 1yr 4 months.

Natural Expression: What made you decide to go natural? Why?
Lethal Pleazure: My decision to go natural was not for any "spiritual awakening" or the need to discover who I was, etc. I was spending a lot of money at the hair salon...every 2 weeks in fact. Soooo, I was like "Um yea I'm gonna do my own hair" and decided I no longer wanted chemicals in my hair. I first decided to grow out the relaxer but still get my hair straightened. I then saw the versatility of natural hair and made a decision to just rock it!

Natural Expression: How did you go natural? BC..transition..locs 
Lethal Pleazure: I transitioned for 7 months with micro braids, and then did the BC.

Natural Expression: What is your Hair Type?
Lethal Pleazure: That is such a difficult question...hmm, ok at the nape of my neck there are loose "S" curls...going up there are spring coils...the sides are more cottony coils...the front left is wavy..and the front right is kinky coily..the nape is kinky curly/wavy. Lets just say I'm HIGHLY TEXTURED.

Natural Expression: What are your thoughts about ?
Lethal Pleazure: Going natural forced me to have more confidence..I also felt very comfortable about being an individual. It also enhanced features on my face that I've never noticed.

Natural Expression: Did going natural change you in any way?
Lethal Pleazure: It has made me more aware of what I put inside my body and my overall health. Ive also learned a thing or two about hair and ingredients ;o)

Natural Expression: What would you tell someone who's considering natural hair? And why they should?
Lethal Pleazure: If someone is considering going natural i would first tell them to research and make sure that this is what they want to do. I think that the glorious thing about living is that we have a right to do as we please. The only thing that I request is that one is knowledgeable about the decisions that they maker, whether is being natural or relaxed.

Natural Expression: What products are you currently using?
Lethal Pleazure: I'm currently using products with very high moisturizing abilities; Yes to Cucumbers shampoo and conditioner,  Qhemet Biologics Amla Heavy Cream, Organics Lock and Twist Gel; coconut oil, olive oil, etc. I deep condition with Organics Replenishing Pack/ or Hot Oil Six;p

Natural Expression: What's your hair regimen now & your favorite ? hair style
Lethal Pleazure: I cleanse my hair about every 2 weeks with a sulfate free shampoo and co wash in between. I then apply a leave in and braid my hair to let it dry...I then style. I deep condition every week; if I'm using shampoo I steam with the Huetiful.

Natural Expression: What are some of the challenges you’ve had with your natural hair? Have you ever regretted going natural?
Lethal Pleazure: The biggest challenge thus far was when I colored my hair...it was really drying and I had to pull out the big guns to combat the issue, but tweaking my regimen has made my hair normal again. Also being a product junkie..ugh..enough said about that.  Ive never regretted going natural because I always remember the motivation.
Natural Expression: What have you learned about your hair? What mistakes have you made?
Lethal Pleazure: Ive learned that my hair like to be coily and trying to tame it only causes trouble.

Natural Expression: Where can you be found (e.g., blog, twitter, , , etc.)? YouTubeFacebook
Lethal Pleazure: I can be found on YouTube--> LethalPleazure - Click HERE

Natural Expression: If you would like to add anything, feel free! After all, It's "Your Hair Story"
Lethal Pleazure: Make decisions for YOURSELF..always remember to DO YOU...there is no other way ;o)

Thanks Amanda for letting me tell your encouraging Hair Story! I know it'll be inspirational for other naturals. Keep doing your thing girl. Much love and healthy hair growth to you! :-)
-Shren, Natural Expression


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