A Hair Story: Beautiful Erica Toles

Erica Toles

I am honored to feature my friend Erica Toles as the sixth Natural of "A Hair Story". She was so kind to let me interview her on her lovely Hair Journey.
You will be inspired!
If you would like to ask Erica anything about her journey, you can reach her through FaceBook. Better yet! Join her hair group on FaceBook, just search for
Going back to my Roots! (Happy being Nappy)

Natural Expression: How long have you been natural?
Erica: I've been natural since Feb 26, 2011

Natural Expression: What made you decide to go natural? Why?
Erica: I was tired of getting perms due to my sensitive scalp,I often got chemical burns and I felt my hair was thinning in some places due to the perm. I started researching natural hair and I found it to be such a beautiful thing because women of color were no longer ashamed of their natural kinks it was so great to see women embrace their natural beauty!

Natural Expression: How did you go natural? BC..transition..locs
Erica: While transitioning, I wore styles such as....Braid outs, twist sets, roller sets, and braids. I encourage anyone who's afraid of going natural to transition. While it my get tough, as long as you wear protective styles you will have a smooth transition and should experience less breakage. I transitioned for 6 months and grew frustrated with the two textures so I decided to do the BC. I must say that was the best decision I made, my scalp can breath and its growing a lot faster.

Natural Expression: What are your thoughts about Natural Hair?
Erica: "Crack is Wack" J/K, I feel at some point everyone should try to go chemical free, Although the perm looks very nice and straightens the hair; it is very damaging. I felt so liberated after going natural, I'm so happy because I chose to go back to my roots!

Natural Expression: Did going natural change you in any way?
Erica: Actually it did, Now I feel as if I can do anything I put my mind to. I was afraid at first of trying new things (the unknown), but now the skies the limit. I FEEL FREE!!

Natural Expression: What would you tell someone who's considering natural hair? And why they should, or shouldn't?
Erica: Just do it, but first do your research; there is a lot of maintenance that we have to consider while transitioning or going natural. I would tell them that it's a healthier way for the hair to grow. "Why not embrace those beautiful curls, that's how you were born".

Natural Expression:What products are you currently using?
Erica: I am currently using Cantu, same products I used while transitioning. I have also tried the Shea Moisture "Curl Enhancing Smoothie". I also use tea tree oil. I plan on trying out the line of natural hair products by Design Essentials.

Natural Expression: What's your hair regimen now & your favorite hair style?
Erica: I usually wash my hair twice a week due to my dry and itchy scalp. If I don't get around to washing my hair I will co-wash it with my Cantu conditioner then put in the leave-in. I try one a month to do a deep condition then I oil my scalp with a Shea butter, grape seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, carrot oil mixture. Next time I'll add Joboba oil that is something I forgot to put in. My favorite hairstyle is the curly fro.

Natural Expression: Where can you be found (e.g., blog, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)?
Erica: My group can be found on Facebook,
Group Name is: Going back to my Roots! (Happy being Nappy)...Please Join!

....Black is Beautiful

Thank you Erica for telling your "Hair Story" and I wish you the best in all that you do, and much more hair growth. Stay Natural...Much love to you!


  1. Very nice story. Wonderful progress from then to now. Very inspiring!


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