A Hair Story: Faith S. / NotoriousLYNappy1

I am honored to feature the "Hair Story" of Mrs. Faith S. or what most may know her as NotoriousLYNappy1 through her YouTube Channel.
 Faith was so kind to let me interview her to discuss her lovely Hair Journey.
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I know you will be inspired!
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Natural Expression: How long have you been natural?
NotoriousLYNappy1: Almost 2 years! I big chopped  during the summer of 2009 on June 18th.

Natural Expression: What made you decide to go natural? Why?
NotoriousLYNappy1: I was twenty-something and I got tired of people imposing on me their expectations for my hair. My attitude towards my hair was virtually care free and I couldn't see the point in continuing the unpleasant experience of getting relaxers for "special occasions" or family events when I knew, outside of those events, I wasn't going to maintain that straightness in my hair. The price for professional kinky twists kept going up, and regardless of how long I could manage to keep them in- I was a frugal, border-line broke full-time college student with 2 dogs and 2.5 jobs! lol Spending outlandishly on my hair was not what was up!

Natural Expression: How did you go natural? BC..transition..locs
NotoriousLYNappy1: After my last relaxer, Christmas Eve 2008, I wore a half wig until my relaxer grew out noticeably. I didn't really want to press my hair because by that time I had discovered Nappturality.com and YouTube and the cautionary heat tales were fresh in my mind. I ended up getting my last set of kinky twists (a gift, of course) and wore those for a month or two. A couple weeks after the twists came out, I had a pair of scissors and a digital camera in hand. With the help of my boyfriend, and a quick lesson on the "line of demarcation," we completed my big chop. The next day hit up a salon for a shape up, and the rest is history!

Natural Expression: What is your Hair Type?
NotoriousLYNappy1: Everything in the 4 range. Majority tight spirals, with no pattern on the the side in the front, and slight looser coils around the widows peak and nape of my neck.

Natural Expression: What are your thoughts about ?
NotoriousLYNappy1: I love it! I think natural hair is an experience, and not just an accessorizing hair cut (especially if you've never encountered your natural hair texture before). There are so many things that I have learned about myself and grown into over the course of this journey. Confidence, character, and consciousness build in so many ways. Everyday I gain exposure in something that I would have probably never thought to investigate at this stage in my life. Just being aware and a part of the natural hair community has educated and enriched my life on many levels outside of hair. It's funny how that one small change opens up the door to so much more.

Natural Expression: Did going natural change you in any way?
NotoriousLYNappy1: lol...Yes. yes it has. The process just puts all kinds of ideas into my head.
Natural Expression: What would you tell someone who's considering natural hair? And why they should?
NotoriousLYNappy1: For Transitioners, the Naturally-Curious, and newly naturals: I have a couple of tips!
  •  I would encourage them the really think about and acknowledge the reasons why they want to make the change and how it benefits them. Remember that it's Your Hair. Your Choice. The decision to go natural has to be made for you and you alone.
  • If you don't [or even if you do] have the support of loved ones, family or friends; Take Advantage of the Online Natural Community. There a many beautiful naturals out there who will offer you their support throughout your journey. Seek them out! Encouragement, Support, and Guidance is what you have to gain from engaging yourself with others who share your interests and support your goals!
  • Your experience and your texture is a learning process that YOU go through, not one that you can mimic from some one else! 9 times out of 10, Your hair will respond to products differently than that other person who's video you are watching. Don't feel inclined to buy every product you read or watch a review about.
Take the Time to Learn Your Hair.
  • YOU are your hairs best advocate. Educate yourself and do your research. Don't be afraid to experiment. You should be knowledgeable and capable of performing or explaining all aspects of your hair care.

Natural Expression: What products are you currently using?
NotoriousLYNappy1: Homemade shea butter based moisturizes and the Suave Professional Natural Collection or Giovanni Lines for washing and conditioning.

Natural Expression: What's your hair regimen now & your favorite hair style?
NotoriousLYNappy1: I was every 7-10 days unless I have in a long term protective style. I love to wear variations of twist-outs!

Natural Expression: What are some of the challenges you’ve had with your natural hair? Have you ever regretted going natural?
NotoriousLYNappy1: Beating dryness, finding the best way and time to detangle my hair, and overcoming the "I never use to style my own hair before" curve.

Natural Expression: What have you learned about your hair? What mistakes have you made?
NotoriousLYNappy1: Water is my hair's best friend :) Recognizing  I couldn't let my hair shrink-up freely  after it passed a certain length if I wanted to have a stress free wash day! lol

Natural Expression: Where can you be found (e.g., blog, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)?
NotoriousLYNappy1: Find Me on...
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/NotoriousLYNappy1 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NotoriousLYNappy1
E-mail me: NotoriousLYNappy1@yahoo.com

Natural Expression: If you would like to add anything...feel free 
NotoriousLYNappy1: Be Beautiful! Be You!


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