My Sister's Growth From the BC!

My sister (@AllAboutAnjel) is now 8 Months Natural! YAY!!! A few of you probably remember when I wrote a post about her big chop months ago. Well, I'm back to give you her hair update....Drum Roll Please! :-)

Anjel did the "BC" (Big Chop) in December 2010, and after her first month she saw remarkable growth. Why? Well, because she didn't have chemicals stopping this matter, therefore...her hair grew like weeds. That's what Natural hair does, it grows!!!

I posted her growth one month post her Big Chop, and you've got to see the growth,
Click Here ! 

Anjel's BC

8 Months Natural w/ a Puff

So this goes to show you that Our Hair does grow! :-)
Much love to my sister for letting me show her growth!

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  1. wow. yall are some pretty girls. lol yall have such a friendly thing about yall's faces. I hope my hair grows as well child. I cant wait. Ima have pics and everything lol.

  2. Oh trust me lady. It'll grow like weeds. The main thing to have though is patience & moisture!!! :-) and thanks for the compliment. It main me laugh. Maybe it's our eyes! Lol


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