Product Buildup vs Dandruff :-/

Product Buildup:
Greasy build up occurs for many reasons. Heavy conditioners & styling products are the most likely suspects, followed by medical conditions that stimulate excess sebum production. Natural hair oil can build up on the hair if the hair is not shampooed properly, but a couple of intense shampoos usually takes care of the problem. Actual build up is more difficult to remove, and requires a few clarifying treatments given over the course of a few weeks to resolve the problem.

  • NOTE: If you are a severe product junkie, you might want to chill out a little. Do not put all the products on your hair at once. I honestly believe 3 products at one time is enough. Try not to extend this amount, if you do, be sure that you're washing your hair regularly to avoid buildup. Please Remember, less is more when dealing with your natural hair. You do not want product build-up.

Dandruff can be considered aesthetically displeasing and often causes itching. the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp (not to be confused with a dry scalp). Dandruff is sometimes caused by frequent exposure to extreme heat and cold. As it is normal for skin cells to die and flake off, a small amount of flaking is normal and common; about 487,000 cells get released normally after treatment. Some people, however, either chronically or as a result of certain triggers, experience an unusually large amount of flaking, up to 800,000 cells, which can also be accompanied by redness and irritation. Most cases of dandruff can be easily treated with specialized shampoos.

It's very easy to compare the two, but keep in mind that the first signs of product build up are your hair looking or feeling lifeless, or when you comb or brush it you get a flaky powder-like along the hair shaft, this is not dandruff, its more likely to be a buildup problem. Dandruff tends to itch, but not always. It's just best to use a clarifying shampoo weekly if it's product buildup, if the flakes continue, and you feel an itching's dandruff. So use a product that tends to this problem.


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