Two Twist Taken Down

Good Morning Beautiful Ppl,

This may be a little funny to you, I laughed a little while doing it....but I took two of my kinky twist down on the side. I did this for a few reasons. One was because I really miss my hair. Yeah, I know I sound crazy, but I do. Second reason was because it looked like my hair was being pulled. I do not mess around with my curls anymore. If anything pulls 'em, tug on 'em, the style will be dismissed! I want healthy hair, not broken hair. Last reason, lol. I am 8 months natural now. I wanted to see the length with my actual new growth. Although I've had them in for only a month, my sides have grown past my chin. YES!  Before these kinky-twist were put in, that same side was at my chin line! YAY! I am excited.  While taking down the second one I wanted to keep on going, I had to stop myself.

When I take this protective style down, you will be the first to see my new growth! Much love to Ya....ttyl:-)


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