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Let's Have a Discussion!

Well, I seriously want your opinion on this matter!

I had a pretty huge argument with my male friend about natural hair. He says, and I quote, "A woman with Natural hair, or who decides to go Natural and wears weave at any time...Is not Natural!!!"
Okay, I do not wear weave everyday. I have worn a wig about 3 times since being Natural. I do not see where he has gotten the assumption. Weave does not change your curl pattern, therefore, you are still natural in my eyes.

Now, He also said that if a woman decides to go Natural, she should wear her Natural hair, and it's pretty much cool if a woman with a perm to wear weave!!! HUH?! I was confused with all of his assumptions, and tried to make him understand a little better, but he's hardheaded.

What do you think of all this???? Let the discussion begin!

Youtube Vlogger: Iamsonotmyhair




Did you know that Oil does not moisturize your hair alone! Not many people know this, but when you put oil on your natural hair when it's dry, it's doing just that! Putting oil on your dry hair. It's not moisturizing it at all. It can actually dry out your hair more.
Oil helps lock in moisture while your hair is Wet, or already has a moisturizer on it. So the next time you go into your cabinet to grab your handy dandy oil. Make sure your hair is already moisturized with fresh distilled water, favorite conditioner/moisturizer.
...and our hair needs moisture.

My Mom did the Big Chop!

Like many other women, my mom has been having trouble with her hair for a while now. Don't get me wrong, her hair grows faster than anyone I know and running behind her for second place is my sister (older sister) Anj. I mean...their hair seriously grows, but my mom's hair has been breaking off alot. Due to medication, stress, and chemicals. As you all know, I did my "BC" July 28th 2010, and my sister did hers' a few months later (December '10). Our growth has been remarkable. My mom sees it everyday, so she commented often saying, "I wish my hair was like that, or I should go natural!" I've been telling her for years that she should go natural, because her hair grew tremendously with the chemicals, imagine with all natural hair. My goodness! Well, today was the day!
May 27th 2011
My mom decided to start her healthy hair journey, and I'm excited for her. She actually grabbed the clippers and shaved her hair herself, and she did a great job. We…

Coconut Oil: Down to the Science!

Have you ever thought about using coconut oil to condition your hair? I know I have, I actually bought a jar the other day, and thought to myself how this oil is rarely talked about. It's not talked about as much as jojoba oil, or almond oil. I wanted to try it, figure out what the benefits are, and share with you all. I did a little research and thanks to the Healthy Oil Planet website, I know what I need to know.

In this Article You will Find out: Benefits of Coconut Oil How to Use Coconut Oil on your hair Deep Conditioning Techniques How often you should use it

Want thick, shiny, healthy hair - in 60 mins?Find out how using coconut oil for hair moisturizing can give you stronger, healthier hair - even if you suffer from thin, lifeless dull hair!

In less than one hour, you can treat yourself to intense moisturizing that strengthens and nourishes your hair. Once you've experienced running your fingers through a head of thick and healthy hair, you'll never go back to off-the-s…

Hair of the Day!

This may not look crisp and brand new like other twists you've seen, but to me, the older the twist the better they look. I love this hair style, because not only is it letting your hair be free once untwisted, but it's a great way to lock moisture, and keep hair from tangling. I love these twists!

Look of the Day!


Weekend Experience!

Friday May 21st I am an Associate Editor of an online magazine entitled Empowered Magazine ...I never mention it huh! Well, that's something totally different from Natural Expression, but it all ties into inspiring and encouraging others, so check it out when you can.

Well...this past weekend, Friday the 20th, we (the editorial staff of Empowered Magazine) were all invited to a movie premiere in Dallas, Texas. The movie is titled, "Kissed by the Devil". It is a fantastic short film, hoping to become a full length film once funded. I met wonderful people, some famous and made so many connections. I had a BALL!

What amazed me when we got there was all the Naturals in the building. My goodness! There were so many. From locs to TWAs, Natural hair was definitely in the building, and you know I was representing well. I had an up-do. I slick up the back of my hair with Eco Styling gel after an over night twist-out, I retwisted the top/bang area, took it down the day of, and had th…

Must See! Chime's Natural Hair Journey!

Very Encouraging!!! Please Watch!

A Must See! - Tyra Banks Show


Youtube: Vlogger's 2 YRs Journey


Youtube Vlogger's: 1YR Hair Journey


Natural hair: Finger Coils


Huetiful Steamer Update


Look of the Day!

This look is literally stepping outside the box. It's uniquely chic, classy, and you can go from work to a live music show or something. I love it!...and the shoes are far out there huh?! lol flawless and unique.

Picture of the Week

This photo screams Natural Beauty!

Poll Results!

A few weeks ago, I put a poll here on Natural Expression asking my beautiful Natural Readers, "About How Many Products do You use in One Day?" ....Drum roll Please!
The results so far from 48 voters are,
19 ppl answered, Just Water & Oil 39%17 ppl answered, 1 - 2 Products 35%11 ppl answered, 3 Products 22%No One Chose 4 Products 0%1 person answered, 5 Products, I am a Product Junkie 2%Big ups to everyone for answering! I will be letting you guys know how the results advance, this is very interesting that most of you guys use less than 3 products a day!

Poem of the Day: by Joshua Bennett


Hair of the Day!

This picture screams confidence and Natural beauty! I love her hair. There's no telling how long she's been natural. Everyones hair grow at a different rate. This looks like a couple days into a twist-out! Love it.

Esperanza Spalding

One of our favorite Naturals Ms. Esperanza Spalding is still doing her thing...she recently performed at the 2011 Marian Anderson Awards this year in New York City.

Angela Bassett Rocking it Natural!

Mrs. Bassett was recently caught rocking the Natural Look... Work it Girl!!!

Natural Hair Model CALL - Atlanta, GA

Date: May 22nd 2011
Time: 1:00 - 2:45pm
Place: Mattress Factory 300 MLK Blvd. SE ATL, GA 30312
Seeking African American Women with Natural Hair All shades of Beauty!

My Hair Journey!


 I BC'd July 28th 2010! I'm coming around a full year of being Natural. I've learned so much on my journey, and this is absolutely one of the best decisions I've ever made with my hair, and I will never go the perms, hair damage, etc. Since my journey began, I have blow dried my hair one time around my 6th month, it was not my whole head though! ...but I do know that I will never do it again. My hair had gotten hard, and unmanageable to my standards, and it took hours to get it back to what it was before, so I will not blow dry my hair again. It was too scary for me. Besides that one time, no heat has been applied to my hair at all. I have not dyed my hair either. No chemicals whatsoever. I recommend all naturals to stay away from the damage completely. Thanks for Reading and Continue with me on my Hair Journey!

A Man's opinion on Natural Hair


A Hair Story: Beautiful Eureka

I first met Eureka at "Let's Talk About Hair" ...a hair forum in my hometown, please be sure to "Like" them on Facebook. When I saw her hair, I thought to myself. Her hair is so lovely, and I cannot wait for my hair to become more healthy and to her length. She is a lovely person with gorgeous hair, and I am honored to feature her on my blog. I know you will be inspired, I definitely was...I made this an exclusive hair story, because I know her personally and she's my local hair idol. Ha! 
So read on, leave a comment or subscribe!

Natural Expression Interviews Ms. Eureka
How long have you been natural? Eureka: This will be my 11th year of my natural journey but May 2011 will mark the 3yrs of healthy hair care practices.  Which basically means 3yrs ago I incorporated TLC and started seeing results in my growth.

What made you decide to go natural? Why? Eureka: During undergrad I really couldn't afford to get my hair professionally done anymore, so I started g…

A Hair Story: @CurlyNuGrowth

I am honored to feature my friend and the face of CurlyNuGrowth's "Hair Story". You may know her by her blog name "CurlyNuGrowth", or through her YouTube Channel.  She was so kind to let me interview her to discuss her lovely Hair Journey. Be sure to Comment & Subscribe I know you will be inspired! Visit her YouTube Channel Or Add Her on Twitter @CurlyNuGrowth

Natural Expression: How long have you been natural? CurlyNuGrowth: I have been natural for 2 years & 3months and I have had Sisterlocks for 6 months.
Natural Expression: What made you decide to go natural? Why?  CurlyNuGrowth:I was asked a simple question, "Why do you put a relaxer in your hair? And after that question, I researched what relaxers do to your hair and I felt that I didn't need a relaxer so I decided to go natural!
Natural Expression: How did you go natural? CurlyNuGrowth:I transitioned for about 4 months with Flexi-Rods and trims ever 4 weeks. But when I finally decided "I want t…

N.E: Interviews Saleemah Cartwright, Owner of Hydratherma Naturals

It was an honor and pleasure to interview Mrs. Saleemah, the face and voice of an amazing natural hair line collection, Hydratherma Naturals.  Please read & become inspired!
Natural Expression Interviews Saleemah Cartwright, Owner of Hydratherma Naturals  
What made you want to start Hydratherma Naturals products? I believed that there was a need for healthy hair products on the market that will balance out the moisture and protein levels in the hair.

What makes your company unique? Different from other companies? Our focus is on great / affordable products, philanthropy and great customer service. One key aspect of our line is that it balances out the moisture and protein levels in the hair. Too much moisture can cause breakage and too much protein can also cause breakage. Sometimes it is very hard to tell which one your hair needs (moisture or protein). Our products will help you take the guess work out of it and allow your hair to fall into a normal moisture / protein balance.

Hair of the Day!

The frohawk is an awesome hairstyle for us naturals. I love this style. I'm actually wearing the frohawk now...but have you ever thought about cutting the sides down just a tad. Well, this is the "Hairstyle of the Day!" 

Eva's Hair...What do you think?

What do you think of former America's Next Top Model: Eva Pigford's hair?

Chrisette's Braids

Looks like fellow celebrity natural Ms. Chrisette Michele is keeping her braids in for a little while. It almost looks like she got them redone, but she looks great. Can't wait to see the new growth.

Look of the Day!

Who said shorts w/ peep toes wouldn't work... Well, Kelly sure knows how to do it! She takes the "Look of the Day" title!

Good Hair was All She Wanted

"Say NO" to the chemical treatments. You never know what can happen, and besides your hair is beautiful. Learn to love the curls God gave you. Watch this video, and I pray that it touches someone to move towards the healthy hair route.

@CurlyChronicles 1950s Faux Bang Tutorial

One of my favorite YouTube Vloggers show us naturals how to recreate the 50s Faux Bang. Her signature hairdo! Watch this tutorial and be sure to read her "Hair Story", I was honored to interview her...Click Here!


One of my favorite naturals shows us how to get curls w/o heat using flexi-rods!

YouTuber NotoriousLYNappy1's Updo!

My girl Mrs. Faith (NotoriousLYNappy1) has done created a lovely updo! Take a look and try it out...if it turns out nice. Send me a picture, I'll love to see it! Also, read her hair story, Click Here!
Watch her updo tutorial below

Beauty Tip of the Day!

Don't worry if you don't have a perfect figure or flawless skin. Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes!

Celebrity Hair: Teyana Taylor

Is she really a Natural? This question has been asked recently.
People have been questioning her natural hair. Hey, but if she's not! She's still beautiful and she looks great every where she goes, and I love her hairstyles. The picture above is a current hairstyle choice for Teyana. She's rocking the blond ends. It's cute.

Tasha Smith's Kinky Twists

  Tasha's kinky Twists in the movie, "Jumping the Broom" are so nice! They're much smaller than the Janet Jackson 'Poetic Justice Braids' and I love 'em. She makes me want to try this style again, but I'm sure it took more than 8 hours...I might not be able to do!

Matthew Knowles & Trin-i-tee 5:7

After being fired as his daughter's manager, Beyonce's father, Mr. Matthew Knowles continues doing what he's known to do best. He is currently working on the release of the Gospel group Trin-i-tee 5:7's new album, which will be later on this month. I've seen behind the scene video footage of their new single "Heaven Hear My Heart" and I saw Natural Hair! As you may know, the group haven't left the Gospel scene, they just haven't made an album, but they're back, and it's only 2 of them now,  Chanelle Haynes and Angel Taylor. Looks like in their new video, Natural Hair will be in full effect! Big ups to them both and their comeback!

Click Here for the Behind the Scenes footage of "Heaven Hear My Heart"

Beauty Tip of the Day!

Confidence is one of the sexiest things in the world. Embolden yourself. Keep your posture straight and your head up!

Benefits of Grapeseed Oil

Healthy hair is the goal. If you want long hair, you got to start off with healthy hair...your hair won't grow long if it isn't healthy. So, find out what your hair loves. If you have Natural black hair, our hair loves moisture: Water, Oils, etc. So keeping your hair moisturized is a +Plus!
I constantly blog about benefits of different types of oils. Not all oils are good to put directly on the scalp. Some may have the possibility to clog your scalp. As you all know, One oil I do recommend putting on the scalp is Jojoba Oil. This oil seep into the scalp, it does not clog your pores. I also use Castor oil directly on the sides of my hair. It's consistency is pretty thick so I only use it around my edges to grow my hair fuller in those areas, but I do not use it throughout my hair. It is okay to mix oils together, and do a oil/water mixture for that extra dose of moisture. I actually keep a oil/water mixture on me at all times. Oil is great to lock in moisture after a Co-Wash…

Satin / Silk Bonnets!

A Message for Newly Naturals!
If you're beginning your lovely journey to healthy hair, a Satin, or Silk Bonnet or pillowcase will be an excellent buy...other than great products for your hair.
I have noticed that when you do go to sleep with a bonnet on your hair, it is more protected than anything. Your hair needs to be covered up. Sleeping directly on your cotton pillowcase will cause hair damage. Cotton basically grabs our hair, pulls our hair, and when we can potentially break our hair off. So sleeping w/o covering your hair is a huge No No! I do not recommend starting your journey like this!
Another thing, before going to sleep, whatever your hair regimen may be. Be sure that your hair is highly moisturized. If your hair is anything like my hair (4A/4B), then you'll know that our hair can drink! In other words, our hair needs moisture or it'll be dry by morning!!! Our hair needs moisture to survive. So newly Naturals, what ever you do! Moisturize your hair...I…

My Hair is Growing!


Beauty Tip of the Day!

Get enough sleep. This will help you to always look your best. Regular sleeping patterns help your body to effectively regenerate and feel great the next day!

"Musiq" of the Day!

Be sure to pick up Musiq Soulchild's album In Stores Now!

Youtuber NikkiMae2003 - Side Puff Tutorial

One of our Favorite Youtube Vloggers (NikkiMae2003), shows us how she does her side puff!
Check it Out.


This is pretty sad, but I wanted you guys to see what's going on! This is how important it is to folks to weave it up, that they'll rob someone else.

Beauty Tip: Skin

Hot showers can damage your skin, drying it out. Try taking a warm shower, and eventually turning the water down to cool. This will help to close your pores after the warm shower.

Raven and her Natural Hair!


If you didn't know, Ms. Raven Symone went Natural a couple months ago by doing the 'BC'. She made her hairstyle debut on a Disney Awards show and only about 2 days later she had her weave back in. This was earlier this year, and since then she has not showed her natural hair again. Instead she has been weaving it out, flat-ironing it, etc. I hope she doesn't damage it before it fully grows back out. Heat Damage isn't a good thing to do constantaly, but hey...I'm just saying. She looks great, but I'm looking forward to seeing her Natural hair again.

Natural Shren's Length Check


Taking pictures is a plus when you've decided to track your hair journey. Thanks to watching many YouTube vloggers, I got the idea early on...and if you don't mind, I would like to share my growth with you. I hope it encourage someone out there to not give up on your journey, and to stick with your journey to healthy hair, because when I started I did not know what to do, as far as products, hair regimen, etc. I was lost! I just did what I knew would be best for my hair, and it's working. Here's something else to add, just like your hair needs water, your body does too. Be sure to drink plenty of water daily. I've stopped drinking so much soda, and exchanged it with water.  As far as hair regimen. I wash & deep condition my hair every Sunday, and I moisturize & co-wash my hair every day. I sleep with a satin bonnet as well. I use mostly Curls & Shea Moisture all natural products. I use oils too.


 My headbands are thicker now! lol