A Hair Story: @CurlyNuGrowth

 I am honored to feature my friend and the face of CurlyNuGrowth's "Hair Story".
 You may know her by her blog name "CurlyNuGrowth",
or through her YouTube Channel.
 She was so kind to let me interview her to discuss her lovely Hair Journey.
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Natural Expression: How long have you been natural?  
CurlyNuGrowth: I have been natural for 2 years & 3months and I have had Sisterlocks for 6 months.

Natural Expression: What made you decide to go natural? Why? 
CurlyNuGrowth: I was asked a simple question, "Why do you put a relaxer in your hair? And after that question, I researched what relaxers do to your hair and I felt that I didn't need a relaxer so I decided to go natural!

Natural Expression: How did you go natural?
CurlyNuGrowth: I transitioned for about 4 months with Flexi-Rods and trims ever 4 weeks. But when I finally decided "I want this relaxer out!” I went into the bathroom on January 20th, 2009 and cut my hair off myself (my younger sister helped too). Unfortunately, I cut so much hair off and the cuts were uneven that in order to even it out I had to cut it down really short as if I never transitioned lol. 

Natural Expression: What is your Hair Type? 
CurlyNuGrowth: I have mostly 3C hair, but the front edges are 4A and I have 3A spots as well.

Natural Expression: What are your thoughts about natural hair?
CurlyNuGrowth: I love natural hair and I think every woman should embrace and enjoy their natural hair!

Natural Expression: Did going natural change you in any way? 
CurlyNuGrowth: Yes going natural made me more aware of what I put in and on my body (relaxers, lotions, foods, etc). I started making sure that I was not ignorantly causing harm to my body by using unnecessary products and ingredients. I am also more self-confident and I have more self-love than I did when I was relaxing my hair, just because everyone else was. Going natural made me a better person, I think.

Natural Expression: What would you tell someone who's considering natural hair? And why they should?
CurlyNuGrowth: I would tell ANYONE considering natural hair to "Go for it!” So many times I hear people complain about not wanting to be natural because their hair is too "nappy" or "unmanageable" but the versatility of natural hair and the pride that would should take in it, should outweigh all the doubt. I would also say that if being a loose natural seems like too much work, then embrace locs, especially Sisterlocks! I got Sisterlocks because I didn’t have as much time to style my loose hair and I think getting them was one of the best decisions I made.

Natural Expression: What products are you currently using? 
CurlyNuGrowth: Because I have Sisterlocks, I don't use any products aside from the Sisterlocks Starter shampoo and Witch Hazel for itching. But as a loose natural, I used Oyin Handmade Honey Wash shampoo, Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp conditioner & Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner, Oyin Handmade Frank Juice Leave-In Conditioner, and Coconut Oil.

Natural Expression: What is your hair regimen now & your favorite hair style? 
CurlyNuGrowth: Right now, I shampoo my hair every 2-3 weeks and I don't do much styling. But as a loose natural, I washed my hair every week and did a deep conditioner at least once a month. My favorite style was definitely the Twist Updo (Tutorial Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExIurCEWoJA&sns=em)

Natural Expression: What are some of the challenges you’ve had with your natural hair? Have you ever regretted going natural? 
CurlyNuGrowth: The only challenge I faced was being a Product Junkie! I wanted to try absolutely everything in my hair lol. Also, time was a major factor. As my hair got longer, I didn’t really have the time to maintain it as much as I wanted to. Even with that said, I never once regretted going natural because relaxed hair is just as hard to maintain, if not harder. The way I handled my lost of time was putting in my own Kinky Twists which lasted a few weeks, then I eventually got Sisterlocks.

Natural Expression: What have you learned about your hair? What mistakes have you made? 
CurlyNuGrowth: I have learned that my hair has so many textures and that it is naturally really curly! I also learned what products work best for my hair type and which products don't. I don't think I ever made any major mistakes with my hair because it’s all a learning process.

Natural Expression: Where can you be found (e.g., blog, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)? 

Natural Expression: If you would like to add anything, feel free! After all, It's "Your Hair Story"
CurlyNuGrowth: Using all natural products, that are actually natural and not a gimmick, is the best thing you can do for your hair, as well as have patience. Remembering that is YOUR hair and not anyone else's will also go a long way! 

 Thanks again for letting me help tell the world your hair story, it's very inspirational. Continue to help spread the word, and I wish you the best in everything you do...Much love to ya lady! :-)  
-Shren, Natural Expression


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