Let's Have a Discussion!

Well, I seriously want your opinion on this matter!

I had a pretty huge argument with my male friend about natural hair.
He says, and I quote, "A woman with Natural hair, or who decides to go Natural and wears weave at any time...Is not Natural!!!"

Okay, I do not wear weave everyday. I have worn a wig about 3 times since being Natural. I do not see where he has gotten the assumption. Weave does not change your curl pattern, therefore, you are still natural in my eyes.

Now, He also said that if a woman decides to go Natural, she should wear her Natural hair, and it's pretty much cool if a woman with a perm to wear weave!!! HUH?! I was confused with all of his assumptions, and tried to make him understand a little better, but he's hardheaded.

What do you think of all this????
Let the discussion begin!


  1. I just posted about this on my recent blog: NATURAL HAIR:PROTECTIVE STYLE:SENEGALESE TWIST..its a huge misconception that a natural hair person can NOT wear their hair in any other way...the idea of "protective styling" is lost to them. stay tuned for that blog post!

  2. I agree with Sherry...wearing a weave, in my eyes, is a form of a protective style. Trying to see the other side...his side...weave tends to be straight and thus when you have a perm your hair is straight. But when you are natural it is expected that you'll have curlykinkycoily hair. So, technically in wearing a weave it's not the same texture of hair. LOL, I don't know!

    Now, I wear weave for braiding purposes, not so much a dubi (sp) or a wrapped look. But I use weave to protect my hair, give me, or it, a break from manipulation, strain and pull.

    At the end of the day, personal preference!!

    Kay @LoveNWright

  3. To Sherry: It's like when the weather change, the assumptions varies with what some think we should do w/ our own natural hair. I do not understand why some think that we aren't allowed to express through our hair, and not just with our own gorgeous curls. Why are we NOT allowed to wear weave/protect our curly hair. I can understand if it's it's glued in and your breaking your hair off, but that's a different story. For the most part, we're protecting our strands when we decide to weave it up. I believe that it's A-Okay for use to do so...UNLESS, we are doing it the wrond way, and wearing it 24/7...365 days out of the year and not showing our own hair. That may be a problem, but then again! We're still natural. The weave does not change our hair texture! :-)

    You both have AMAZING Opinions, and I totally agree with the both of you! Thanks for the reply.

  4. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I agree with your friend, faux hair is certainly not natural. I do commend the efforts of women who wish to pursue natural hair in any way possible ( and that they're entirely comfortable with) and I often believe that many women are simply uncomfortable with wearing shorter natural hair to begin with. However, being natural means embracing your natural texture, often- eschewing the anglo-saxon terms of beauty the weave represents. At its core wearing a weave means wearing someone else's hair; someone probably not Black. At least women who wear relaxers are able to wear their own hair- however, chemically altered it may be. Many many women wear weaves and have natural hair underneath- these women are not natural, they're covering up their natural texture...why? It's possible to protect one's hair without wearing faux hair. Take off the weave and free yourself... your kinky hair is beautiful in all forms. Take pride in wearing your own hair in the manner of your choosing: I believe that this represents the essential aspect of owning one's appearance- and having it be entirely of one's own volition.
    -An anonymous Black lady
    I apologize for the fact that I do not have a blogspot at this time.

  5. You make sense & you have a valid point of view. I'm looking at it in another angle and I believe that's where confusion begins. I'm looking at it as physically changing your hair texture. Not adding onto it. By physically changing I mean, taking the curls God gave you away completely. By wearing weave you are not doing that, you're simply covering up those curls, but in the end...you are still a natural woman. Some ladies have no clue what to do w/ their natural hair, but they do no turn to a perm and I congratulate them on that.

    Thank you so much for you Comment!
    Get a blog soon :-)



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