My Hair Journey!

2 Months Natural

4 Months Natural

6 Months Natural

9 Months Natural

 I BC'd July 28th 2010!
I'm coming around a full year of being Natural. I've learned so much on my journey, and this is absolutely one of the best decisions I've ever made with my hair, and I will never go the perms, hair damage, etc. Since my journey began, I have blow dried my hair one time around my 6th month, it was not my whole head though! ...but I do know that I will never do it again. My hair had gotten hard, and unmanageable to my standards, and it took hours to get it back to what it was before, so I will not blow dry my hair again. It was too scary for me. Besides that one time, no heat has been applied to my hair at all. I have not dyed my hair either. No chemicals whatsoever. I recommend all naturals to stay away from the damage completely.
Thanks for Reading and Continue with me on my Hair Journey!


  1. YAY I love the growth super excited for you!!!

  2. Thank You So Much Miss Sherry B! I'm loving my curls! :-)


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