My Mom did the Big Chop!

Like many other women, my mom has been having trouble with her hair for a while now. Don't get me wrong, her hair grows faster than anyone I know and running behind her for second place is my sister (older sister) Anj. I mean...their hair seriously grows, but my mom's hair has been breaking off alot. Due to medication, stress, and chemicals. As you all know, I did my "BC" July 28th 2010, and my sister did hers' a few months later (December '10). Our growth has been remarkable. My mom sees it everyday, so she commented often saying, "I wish my hair was like that, or I should go natural!" I've been telling her for years that she should go natural, because her hair grew tremendously with the chemicals, imagine with all natural hair. My goodness! Well, today was the day!

May 27th 2011

My mom decided to start her healthy hair journey, and I'm excited for her. She actually grabbed the clippers and shaved her hair herself, and she did a great job. Well, I'll be keeping you all informed on her growth. :-) Pictures coming soon!

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