Natural Shren's Length Check

9th Month - Front
Taking pictures is a plus when you've decided to track your hair journey. Thanks to watching many YouTube vloggers, I got the idea early on...and if you don't mind, I would like to share my growth with you. I hope it encourage someone out there to not give up on your journey, and to stick with your journey to healthy hair, because when I started I did not know what to do, as far as products, hair regimen, etc. I was lost! I just did what I knew would be best for my hair, and it's working. Here's something else to add, just like your hair needs water, your body does too. Be sure to drink plenty of water daily. I've stopped drinking so much soda, and exchanged it with water.  As far as hair regimen. I wash & deep condition my hair every Sunday, and I moisturize & co-wash my hair every day. I sleep with a satin bonnet as well. I use mostly Curls & Shea Moisture all natural products. I use oils too.

3rd Month - Front
9th Month - Back

3rd Month - Back

3-4 Months Natural
 My headbands are thicker now! lol
My Side is Growing back from the Damaged Days!


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