Satin / Silk Bonnets!

A Message for Newly Naturals!

If you're beginning your lovely journey to healthy hair, a Satin, or Silk Bonnet or pillowcase will be an excellent buy...other than great products for your hair.

I have noticed that when you do go to sleep with a bonnet on your hair, it is more protected than anything. Your hair needs to be covered up. Sleeping directly on your cotton pillowcase will cause hair damage. Cotton basically grabs our hair, pulls our hair, and when we can potentially break our hair off. So sleeping w/o covering your hair is a huge No No! I do not recommend starting your journey like this!

Another thing, before going to sleep, whatever your hair regimen may be. Be sure that your hair is highly moisturized. If your hair is anything like my hair (4A/4B), then you'll know that our hair can drink! In other words, our hair needs moisture or it'll be dry by morning!!! Our hair needs moisture to survive. So newly Naturals, what ever you do! Moisturize your hair...I repeat! Moisture your hair, Everyday!

If you're unsure of your HAIR TYPE, and would like to find out


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