Weekend Experience!

May 21st
I am an Associate Editor of an online magazine entitled Empowered Magazine ...I never mention it huh! Well, that's something totally different from Natural Expression, but it all ties into inspiring and encouraging others, so check it out when you can.

Well...this past weekend, Friday the 20th, we (the editorial staff of Empowered Magazine) were all invited to a movie premiere in Dallas, Texas. The movie is titled, "Kissed by the Devil". It is a fantastic short film, hoping to become a full length film once funded. I met wonderful people, some famous and made so many connections. I had a BALL!

What amazed me when we got there was all the Naturals in the building. My goodness! There were so many. From locs to TWAs, Natural hair was definitely in the building, and you know I was representing well. I had an up-do. I slick up the back of my hair with Eco Styling gel after an over night twist-out, I retwisted the top/bang area, took it down the day of, and had that fall towards my face. I was too cute y'all.

I spoke to two naturals and told them about Natural Expression, and in fact, one of them is a director/writer/producer and she's hosting a movie screening this coming up Saturday. So once again, Empowered Magazine has been invited to that as well. Big things are happening. I am curious to see how many Naturals will be in the building for this event. I'll let you guys know.

May 22nd
I try to attend "Let's Talk About Hair" (a local hair forum) every month. Sometimes I miss, but I actually made it this month. I made it home from Dallas at 5 am Saturday, and woke up at 10 am to make the hair forum. Didn't want to miss it this time. It was cool, lovely Natural ladies showed up. I won a hair clip, and actually the last forum I went to I won a gift bag filled with Natural hair goodies like a satin hair bonnet, products, hair bands, spray bottle, etc. I guess I'm only lucky at the Hair Forums and no where else huh, because I never win anywhere else it seems. They took a few photos, and we had debates about the question Is dyeing your hair, and flat ironing your hair Natural? I'm going to go more in depth on this question! I had to let you all know about my weekend...Talk to you soon 


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