50 cents Hair! Ewww

Looks like Fifty Cent may have a texturizer. I guess he wanted chemically treated curls, either way, it's just too juicy looking and who ever did it should have cut off the straight end pieces. Here's what he said about his new look.

“It’s still 50 Cent … I just want to create something that’s out of the box, that ain’t [my] same style of music or same kinds of music. I’m using different song formats…it’s still hip-hop music, it’s still 50 Cent content, it’s just written in a different way”

What do you think of Fifty's new look?


  1. And it still doesn't make him look any better...SMH

  2. Yeah, I guess he wanted something new! I dislike the loose straight pieces sticking up everywhere, and how shiny/greasy it is!

  3. He looks a fool w/ that over-processed curl! smh

    -MiiSS kECiia

  4. lol. I agree with you! Now he'll need to let his hair grow out and cut it off. I hope soon!


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