My Growth! 8 Days to Being 11mths Natural!

As you can imagine, I am beyond excited...I will be 11 months natural on June 28th!

I'm super excited because I'll be a 1 year natural in a month.
 During my journey I have not once thought about perming my hair.
That is the truth, I have not thought about quitting my natural hair journey whatsoever.
I know that I want healthy hair, and I know the way to get it now!
I will never go back down that road again, my hair was unhealthy, not thick, and wouldn't grow pass my shoulders...not cool!
Well, I want to show you my hair growth thus far. Take a look! 
4-5 Months Natural

10 Months Natural

4-5 Months Natural
10 Months Natural

:-) Can you see the Growth!?
Stay on your Natural Hair Journey!!!
Our Hair DOES Grow


  1. Congrats on such amazing growth! I'm 3 months natural TODAY!!! Stay tuned for my update with pics!


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