Trip to Dallas Part II - Let's Do Better!

Hello Beautiful People! How have you been? ...I haven't talked to you in a while so I'm back to let you know what's been going on.

If you read my personal post last week, I told you that I was going to Dallas once again, for a film screening this time and to interview a few people from the short film entitled, "What Things May Come"... all for an online magazine I helped start called (Empowered Magazine) and I'm the Associate went well!!!

I had a BLAST, and I'll do it all over again. There were a few naturals in the building, in fact, the Director / Writer of the film was a Natural, and one young lady was actually in the process of transitioning to natural hair and getting ready to do the "Big Chop" soon. You can imagine how excited I I made connections told them to visit Natural Expressions and so on!

Before all of this, (the Film Screening), we were cruising around different areas of Dallas, Texas, and while parked to fill up on gas. Over to our right was a store that looked fairly interesting, so we decided to go in! Look at the pictures I took in this store!  
Gels & Other Hair Products

(Right View) Top Shelf are all Perms

(Left View)

The Eye Lash Collection was tremendous! The highest price lashes were $1.99
I couldn't believe
As you can imagine! My mouth completely dropped when I walked into this store and saw the back top shelf. The WHOLE wall screamed, "HAIR DAMAGE"! In fact, the whole store screamed, "HAIR DAMAGE"! All I could do was shake my head at what I saw...this was horrible, but it is a choice. I was unable to take a picture of the front of the store which had more perms, for only $2.99, an easy buy! ...and if you like to wear weaves, it was ALL cheap. Everything! The wigs started off at $9.99 and the highest one I saw was only $69.99! I couldn't believe how one store could make the thought of going natural non-existent, or the thought of wearing your own hair. How could one store promote hair damage, short brittle unhealthy hair! How could women accept this, and continue on their hair damaged journey? Then again, this is what women choose, therefore...The owner's store, who aren't even in business to help our people, His store still stands. Their store is still in business while our beautiful black women's hair break-off, lifeless! Why...


  1. It just sickens me. I only go in places like that for combs n such and a du rag or stocking cap non cotton to protect my hair. I guess im more disturbed by the fact that more than 90 percent is not even black owned products or manufactured. there is a documentary on youtube about how the koreans came to dominate the black hair care stores and how the biggest companies and product makers purposely shut black salon and beauty supply owners out to keep the koreans in power. its saddening.

    I have a question, Im growing a high top fade, is it still considered going natural cause im a guy and not getting dreads? i dont use any chemicals on my hair or heavy greases. I wash with an all natural black soap and moisturized with east african shea butter infused with vegetable glycerin. :)

  2. Good morning! I appreciate your powerful comment. I totally agree with you. It's all done to keep black business owners out of business. It's a sad story, but our ppl are the ones keeping them in business. So what do we do at this point....educate. We all want long hair, but most women don't want to take the steps to get that, in other words...going natural. I want to tell you that you are still natural, as long as you do not chemically straighten your natural curl pattern. In fact, most men are natural, no wonder why men's hair grow faster than most women's huh.

    Once again, we must educate. Continue to take care of your hair. Wash it weekly, because you are a man means nothing. You must take care of your hair aswell! Good luck on the high-top! May it grow high :)


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