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Beauty Tip of the Day!

Smile, and do it like you mean it. To smile genuinely, you have to be genuinely happy with yourself. Don't hide behind your smile all the time. If you are unhappy about something, express your opinion.


If you could see me right now, I’m on the urge of SHOUTING! Why? …well, because I am One Year Natural TODAY! YAY YAY YAY! Not only that, but HEAT-FREE and never thought about going back. I must say that I truly truly love my hair, and I am so glad that I chose to go natural. I can now say, I’m a year natural and it feels great! It went by very fast. I mean, Really Fast! I’ve learned so much and most people may not believe me when I say this, but , I am still learning more and more every day. From women who’ve been natural to women who are transitioning or did the big chop. You guys are all teaching me things! Thank you to all the people who stuck by me when I made the choice to ‘BC’! It wasn’t hard for me because I really wanted to do it. My confidence has never fallen, and I know that I am beautiful with my natural hair.
To my hair…I love you!!!! J   
To Those Who Want to Go Natural...GO FOR IT!
     ....and to those who already are, Stay on your Lovely Journey! God gave you thos…

My "UGLY" Hair


Hair of the Day!

The Curly Afro-PUFF! Yes, that's right! This style is "Hair of the Day"!!! It's simply gorgeous, and makes a statement. Hey, my pony-tail does not need to be straight. My curly hair can look great pulled up. Besides, No other hair texture can do this, so be proud of your puff!!!

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A Bad Way to Transition to Natural Hair!


 Transitioning to natural hair in ways, like pressing the natural hair as it grows in underneath the relaxed hair, or pulling and tugging on your natural hair by doing tight braids are going to make your hair prone to breakage and can damage the natural hair you're trying to grow in. 

Products that claim to revert permed hair, and I'm not going to put them out there like that,  will make your permed hair frizzy, and cannot make your permed hair turn natural. Nothing can make your permed hair turn natural, NOTHING at all. No product can do this. Besides, You do not want to put chemicals on top of chemically treated hair.  You will only end up damaging the hair and get more breakage. Some folks try this method and mess up their whole thoughts and experience of going natural because chemical choices, or being a complete product junkie during their journey.

Use natural hair products, and do your research. Find out your hair type with a little new growth, and work from there. S…

4C Hair Textures...Have Faith!

As us Naturals may know, 4C hair texture is the last texture on the hair guide, but is not exempt from growth. Your hair is just as beautiful as 1A (straight hair). Know this! Your hair is more tightly curled then the rest, but it is more unique then the rest. I've had someone ask/tell me. "Your hair isn't like others I've seen, I've seen some really really knotty hair, your hair is more tight but looser curls than others I've seen." "Why are some black people's hair more thicker?" It's because it's a different texture, Simple as that. We are all African American, but not every one's hair is the same texture, that's the beauty of our hair. Too bad everyone is afraid to show it huh!
4C hair can grow long and beautiful! 4C hair needs more moisture and careful treatment just like every one's hair. It needs more moisture, because it prone to breakage (just like all black hair). Please know that length is possible with …

Beauty Tip of the Day!

Think of yourself as attractive. No one has the right to judge how you look but you, and if you decide to be good-looking, then that is what you will portray and that is what you will be!

Did you Know!

Did You Know:
Cheese & Yogurt prevent cavities!

Beauty Tip of the Day!

Stand up straight. This makes you look like you respect yourself, and others will follow your lead. Plus, it has the visual effect of smoothing out any bulges that aren't particularly flattering.

Celebrity Hair Impact: Beyonce

This young woman / entertainer whom all know, Mrs. Beyonce is starting to dabble in the natural hair look again. As rumors has been spreaded, and most have reported, Beyonce is actually a "Natural Hair" girl herself. Just like sister Solange, but it has yet to be proven. All I know is that I like the look on her, and I think she should continue to rock it out. Do your thing B!

What do you guys think of Beyonce's new look?

Hair of the Day!

The fresh twist out will always be one of my favorite natural hair styles. Not only does it define your natural curl pattern, but it defines the true beauty in you. No other hair texture can stand up the way ours do, no other texture can amount to the beautiful styles that we accomplish with our natural hair. This style looks better and better as the days pass, and so do you! :-)

Good Morning / Afternoon!!!!

Hello Beautiful People! I’ve been gone for a little while only because I’ve started a new job. YAY! …and I’m working full-time hours in which I haven’t done in a very long time. I mean, I’ve worked 40 hours a week, but never just one job. I normally bounce around. I also had a birthday this past Thursday. I had soooo much fun you guys. Went out to eat twice with family & friends, partied (no drinks involved, and just watched movies. I had a great birthday! …but I must say, I’ve really missed you guys, and I am proud to announce that I am back!!!!
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^^^More details to come!!!!
I am also going to upload some pictured of my new growth. I'm almost 1 YEAR NATURAL!!!

Hair of the Day!

 She is a beautiful natural, rocking her beautiful curls. I love this hair style on any natural. The unfresh Twist-Out!

Beauty Tip of the Day!

Be yourself! Get over jealousy and comparisons to others. See what makes others look good. How do they accentuate the positive?

:) A Natural on ABC's 'Charlie's Angels'

I was shocked when I saw the commercial for the *NEW* ABC show Charlies Angels' which is to be aired this fall. 1) Because they're doing a show! 2) Because one of the angels are Black! 3) SHE'S A NATURAL!
Awesome!!! I am super excited people, and I will be watching the first episode.

Show Info: The remake will be a modern take on the 1970s series and will be set in Miami. Original TV series producer Leonard Goldberg and Drew Barrymore will produce with Smallvilleproducers Miles Millar and Al Gough.

Show Actresses: Annie Ilonzeh Rachael Taylor Minka Kelly 


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I'm at Collarbone Length @ 11 Months

Most of you who've followed my blog since the beginning know that I started off my journey 11 months ago with less than an inch of new growth. Yes, I BC'd! ...and I am so happy I did! It is one of the best decisions I've ever made with my hair. I am proud to say that Natural Black Textured Hair does GROW people. I am a witness to it, and many other fellow bloggers can aswell.

Here is a more recent picture of my growth...I'm at collarbone length!!! YAY :-)

....and here are some pics from the beginning of my journey.


Beauty Tip of the Day!

Confidence is one of the sexiest things in the world. Embolden yourself! Keep your posture straight and your head up!

Look of the Day! Celebrity Style

This young woman isn't a celebrity, but she also wins the title for "Look of the Day"! She made a way to make a plan black shirt fashionable by adding an amazing pair of leopard print round toe heals! Go Girl!!!

[Picture Source]

I'm BACK!!!

I've been gone for a minute...due to a vacation to the eastcoast, but now I'm back, and things are GREAT I must say, I'll feel you in on alot of the things I've been doing and share pictures with you. As you know I have a FREE Giveaway of a pair of earrings handmade by a fellow natural hair blogger and friend @CurlyandLovely, made specially for a "Natural Expression" follower (YOU)! Click Here to find out how to enter to win!