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Did you Know!

Eating carrots help fight premature aging.

Don't Forget

Those who are close to Dallas, Texas:
The Natural Hair Parade & Festival is this Saturday, September 3rd!

Beauty Tip!

To treat and prevent cracked heels, soak your feet in lemon juice for around 10 minutes. Do this weekly.

Hair & Look of the Day!

You already know who did it again! Ms. Solange Knowles

Jill Scott!

I love Jill Scott, she's one of my favorite women! Not just singer. She performed here recently with a cool new look...Check Miss Thang Out. She looks GREAT, as always! 

Hair Growth: Corinne Bailey Rae

Just look at Corinne's Hair Growth in less than 3 years! Keep in mind that our hair do shrink, so true length won't show by just looking. Since she isn't before us to actually stretch her gorgeous curls out. Again, keep that in mind, but her growth is remarkable.
She's also one of my favorite Naturals...of course! 

Why Don't More Women Go Natural!

Feb.repost I have two jobs and one of my jobs is a public place, and I am thankful to work in a public area. One is because I get to interact with different people, by that I mean, different nationalities, personalities, cultures overall. I work with all types of people, which is great. I was approached by one of my favorite co-workers who is Caucasian, and she always tells me how she love to see women wear their Natural Hair.
Well, today she asked me, "Why Black Women Don't Wear Their Natural Hair?" This is by far one of the hardest questions I've ever been asked since doing the 'BC'.
The first thing I could think of is that women are accustomed to the Look of straight hair. That's really all they know. Their hair was permed for so long, they forgot how their hair/texture is, and really don't care about getting back to it's Natural state, in order for it to grow long and healthy. It's all they know, "Straight Hair"! Some women strai…

Couple of the Week! Will & Jada

Don't believe the hype people! I'll believe it when I hear it from their mouths. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you soon will. An insider to the Smith's has reported that they've split...yep SEPERATED! 'After 13 years of marriage, they're no longer together", a publicist of Jada Smith said. He or She just might not have a job now. Until we find out the truth, they'll be the Couple of the Week on Natural Expression! Besides, if they were to split, I really don't think anyone else would have the nerve to date either one of 'em! Just saying!

Did you Know!

Mud Therapy detoxifies the joints in your body, releases stress, and revitalizes your skin. Give Mud Therapy a Try!

Serena Williams

These days you can catch many stars rocking the natural look. From Rhianna, to Nicki Minaj...and now Serena Williams. Here is a picture of her at LaLa (Carmelo Anthony's wife) premier party for her new show, "LaLa's Full Court", and I'm not so fond of the way Serena's look, but I give her props for rocking the natural look. What do you think?

Not the "Look of the Day"

DO NOT get me wrong! I love Ms. Mary J. Blige with all my heart. She is one of the greatest, but when it comes down to this outfit. My head turned sideways w/ a mix of confusion. I just don't get it. I mean, the top is nice, but where did the shorts come from, the top w/ the necklace is way too dressy for those dark shorts. I'm glad the pic stopped at ther thighs, because the shoes probably would've scared me. Sometimes you hit and's understandable. Love you girl!

Look & Hair of the Day!

I rarely combine the two, "Look of the Day" & "Hair of the Day" but my favorite natural Ms. Solange Knowles has done it again, so I had to give her the crown! I love how she put these colors together with the nude open toe shoe to match her purse and earrings.
Vintage is my favorite type of style!

Natural Hair MeetUp in OKC!

Ifyou stay in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and you're interested in Natural Hair, meeting fellow Natural Hair Women, finding out more about products, etc!
Be sure to mark your calendars for the "Let's Talk About Hair" Forum, Created by Mrs. Kiauntra Denton-Nichols.
It is a monthly Meetup, and it's normally the last Saturday of the month at the Ralph Ellison Library, from 10am to 12pm:
Ralph Ellison Library
2000 NE 23rd
OKC, OK 73111
(405) 424-1437
Don't forget to ADD them on Facebook, Click HERE
The next meetup is this Saturday, August 27th 2011,
Be There!!!

Celebrity Natural: Malinda Williams

When Ms. Williams did the big chop, I wrote about it that same day, and I'm happy to see that she's keeping the look. She has been known for her short cropped doo, and she's sticking to it...only naturally now, and she looks fierce and Oh So Amazing as ever before. Check out her Before and After!

Important Message: For New Naturals


I'm sure you've heard this over and over again, "Your hair needs Moisture!" "Water is your friend!" ...and that is more than true, but to add onto this fact. So does your body! Yeah, The outside, and the inside :)
Drink plenty of water daily. Doing this can help your body and your hair. Also, take vitamins daily. Either One A Day for Women / Men, or ladies you can even take prenatal pills, although you may not be pregnant. Vitamins are great for your body & hair!
I said all of this to say, Drink More water & Take Vitamins! I actually looked up my daily water intake, and it is 3 liters (about 100 ounces daily). That's alot huh, 8 glasses of water a day sound like alot too, but if it needs to be done. Do it! Try putting down the soda, and pick up a bottle of water instead! 
Find out your daily water intake by Clicking Here, you'll have to answer a few questions!

Silly ME!

I'm starting to think these are the same women! lmbo    

Look of the Day! - Celebrity Style

The beautiful Malinda Williams is a newly Natural, and she is rocking it with pride. I love her! The industry has nothing bad to say about her and she's always classy. Love it!

BlackOnyxx's 3 Year Natural Hair Anniversary!


Natural Women!!!


Hair of the Day!

I've see this hair style done so many times. Sometimes it's neat, and sometimes the style will make your head turn, but for some odd reason. I love this style on Natural hair. I'm not descriminating whatsoever, but the thickness of our curls, texture gives it a boost! This style is great for closing out the summer, or year 'round isn't so bad either!

Are You Being Lazy?!

I know it's been days where all of us Naturals just feel like laying down, and saying to ourselves, "Hair...I'll get to you tomorrow."
I know, I've done this a few times myself. I had to wake-up immediately, because once you slack off. They'll be more and more days when you slack off.
I'm here to tell you, before you sleep at night (the major time to slack off), if you don't feel like doing your normal hair routine. Still try to put moisture in your hair. Whether it's your favorite moisturizer or oil & water mixture. Whatever you do, if you feel like having lazy time, please include moisture and put on your bonnet or hair wrap, and then be as lazy as you want!
Remember, Our Hair Needs Moisture! Regardless.

My Sister's Growth From the BC!

My sister (@AllAboutAnjel) is now 8 Months Natural! YAY!!! A few of you probably remember when I wrote a post about her big chop months ago. Well, I'm back to give you her hair update....Drum Roll Please! :-)
Anjel did the "BC" (Big Chop) in December 2010, and after her first month she saw remarkable growth. Why? Well, because she didn't have chemicals stopping this matter, therefore...her hair grew like weeds. That's what Natural hair does, it grows!!!
I posted her growth one month post her Big Chop, and you've got to see the growth, Click Here !  
So this goes to show you that Our Hair does grow! :-) Much love to my sister for letting me show her growth!
Follow her on Twitter @AllAboutAnjel

Erykah Badu Leading Natural Hair Parade!!!

Not sure what you've heard, but it is more than true. The lovely songtress / divine music maker Ms. Erykah Badu will be in her hometown once again. Dallas, Texas on September 3rd to lead a FREE Natural Hair Parade and Festival. Yep, it is more than true. This event was thought of by Ms. Badu herself and natural hair stylist Isis Brantley. They are asking for at lead 400 natural men and women join in on the parade. Badu said in a press release, "We're calling for sponsors, schools, churches, community organizations, bands, clubs, parents, and children of all ages to join us as we celebrate and share knowledge." I believe this event will definitely help. I will be there, how about you!

Information: The free event will take place on September 3, 2011 in Dallas, beginning @ the Wynnewood Shopping Center, 655 W. Illinois Ave. and ending @ the Naturally Isis Beckley location, 2642 S. Beckley. Help Promote: To help promote this amazing event Isis Brantley has asked if you'…

Picture of the Week!

One of our favorite naturals, Ms. Solange and her happy looking son spotted in NYC this week. This is a great photo and like aways,
she's looking gorgeous...her son's a cutie too.

Celebrity Sexy

I just had to take this time out and recognize Usher Raymond's grown and sexy style that he's evolved into. It seems like here lately, no matter what he steps out in, he looks gorgeous. Now, I'm not a fanatic. I mean, I love Usher's music, and probably own two CDs, and I've seen every single one of his videos. He's just a great guy and I wish the best for him, but he's still fine! lol I like how he's letting his hair grow a little, and he's doing that whole bearded natural look. I like it alot! He's rocking it out in a nice way. What do you think?


Hey New Friends, Naturals, New Naturals!
I want to say, THANK YOU for sticking with me, or joining my blog. You're amazing!
Love all of you guys ;-)

Beauty Tip of the Day!

To prevent having dark circles around the eyes, put slices of cucumber on top of the eyes for around 15-20 minutes. Do this twice a day.

8/15/2011 - Jill Scott

Ms. Jill Scott performed at the 33rd Annual UNCF 'An Evening of Stars' show in Cali, and if you take a close look at her hair...What do you see beautiful??? Braids! Oh yeah, Ms. Scott is rocking braids at an important event. Hopefully she's letting that new growth come through that scalp. Who Knows Right! :-)
One of our other favorite Naturals was also at the event Monday evening!

Look of the Day! [Men's Edition]

Raphael Saadiq knows exactly what to do when it comes to personal style! He takes it to the limit and don't care what people thinks. He made a statement by wearing almost knew high boots. Something that you do not see too often on men and that's why he took the title for today.
He went outside the box...the norm. Then he matched 'em very well. You Go Raphael!

Kalenna from group Dirty Money!

Kalenna, one of the singers of the R&B / Hip-Pop Group Dirty Money, was spotted this week with this new hairstyle...and I'm not going to judge anyone, but I wonder what she was thinking when the stylist told her what was in store. I'm sure she was informed of bleach, and long tracks. I'm wondering if this was more of Diddy's idea, but either way. It's a huge No-No, and I think her hair future screams DAMAGE! ...and the contacts too :-( Leave a Comment on this one y'all!

Did You Know!

Placing potato slices on the face reduces skin blemishes!


If you are a licensed stylist  interested in natural hair care,
please contact Go Natural 24/7 today for more details.
Title: Cosmetologist (Booth Rental) <<<Click to Apply Location: Go Natural 24/7 (Oklahoma)
Click HERE!

Did You Know!

To remove or lighten freckles, apply lemon juice on the affected areas.

I am Proud of My Hair!

You guys know that I'm in love with my Natural Hair! I mean, everyone that knows me know that this is one of the best decisions I've ever made with my hair. I am proud to say that I've found a hair style that I absolutely love, and I've been wanting to get to this point since the beginning of my journey. I've wanted this hair style, plus many many more, but it feels good to get the look that you wanted for a long time. It only took 1 year and 2 weeks to get it. What a Blessing! Another crazy thing about this style is that I use to have my sister (@AllAboutAnjel) sew weave into my hair to get the look that I can now get with my very own Natural Hair! Isn't that awesome. Anyways, below is a picture of my good friend Carlicia and I out and about.
It's getting full and long y'all!

Look of the Day!

Sophisticated, Classy, and Chic! Her hair is nicely cropped to the back, something simple. This is key when the outfit you choose to wear can stand alone...meaning, it doesn't need any extra. As you can see her accessories are minimal. I never over accessorize, so, I like it when women don't over do it with accessories, because you really don't have too! I love this look.

Hair of the Day!

Another one of our favorite naturals does it again with her gorgeous hair. The Side Swooped Hair! This is meant for longer haired naturals, and I cannot wait for the day to be able to do this style. I love it!

Beauty Tip of the Day!

True beauty comes from within! Maintain positive thoughts about yourself and others. Be positive inside and you will glow on the outside.

Hair of the Day!

The source of this pic, Click Here!
The BRAID-OUT is a great way to show length. I've discovered that with my own hair, I see more length doing a braid-out than a twist out. The braidout tends to lock the hair in place rather than twisting with our natural curl, like the twists.
I wear my braid-out for approximately a day or two, then I flat twist it to give it that super stretch wavy look. Try it out, and tell me what you think!
Here's a pic of my very own, Flat Twist Out after a Day of wearing a Braid-Out!
:-( Sorry it's sideways

Couple of the Week!!

I would like to add a new addition titled, "Couple of the Week"! I want to promote Black Love every week. Whether celebrites or regular people. Here is the start of the new Journey!
Lala Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony ...and doesn't she look fabulous. They look very happy together. I wish them the best!

Are you a Victim???

Do you wear Boots?
 Cowboy boots, or any type of boot in the Summer-time.
If so, Explain this to me. I mean, don't get me wrong. I think it's cute. I just haven't done it myself, and would like to know why people do it. Leave a Comment if you dare! :-)

Look of the Day!

Our girl, One of my Favorite Natural...Ms. Solange Knowles does it again.
She posed for a photo at the Bean Pole x Kim Jones block party and store opening ceremony in NYC today and she looks fab. What do you think?
She brought out that vintage flare with the skinny leg floral print pants, and boy top, but somehow kept it funky. I love her new style, she's looking better and better each time she steps out! 

Did You Know!

Yogurt and uncooked oatmeal can be used to exfoliate the skin. Oatmeal scrubs the skin while the yogurt moisturizes it.


Hello Beautiful People! I’ve been off and on lately. I’ve started a new job. It’s with the same company, but I’ve moved up a little YAY me!
See, this proves that a Black Woman w/ Natural Hair has no limits at work. If I did it, you can too.
So I just want to update my lovely friends (you guys) on a few things. I am 1 year 15 days natural today, and my hair has really grown as you all can imagine. I am collarbone length on the sides. A little past my neck in the back, but for some odd reason. My bang area is short. I do not like that much, but I’m just letting it do its thing. Everywhere else is pretty cool, but my bangs seem to be the slowest part to grow J…Well, I want to thank all of my new friends, and old friends for sticking with me.
I know I’ve been gone, but you all are sooooo amazing. Love you Guys!


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