Are You Being Lazy?!

I know it's been days where all of us Naturals just feel like laying down, and saying to ourselves, "Hair...I'll get to you tomorrow."

I know, I've done this a few times myself. I had to wake-up immediately, because once you slack off. They'll be more and more days when you slack off.

I'm here to tell you, before you sleep at night (the major time to slack off), if you don't feel like doing your normal hair routine. Still try to put moisture in your hair. Whether it's your favorite moisturizer or oil & water mixture. Whatever you do, if you feel like having lazy time, please include moisture and put on your bonnet or hair wrap, and then be as lazy as you want!

Remember, Our Hair Needs Moisture! Regardless.


  1. I had to stop for a week or so because I had to get new heat caps because I had a great idea of wwearing a swimmer's cap, the latex kind, after spraying my distilled water and glycerin mixture. Well, it kind of gave me an irritated skin line on my forehead and burned a little bit. Well it works fine for my cousin and her hair though. The swimmer's cap really keeps the natural heat from your body trapped with the water mixture and helps the hair absorb better.

    Im back to plastic heat caps and its ok. I usually spray the distilled water and glycerin at night and then in the morning I seal the hair with my oil or wake up in the middle of the night and seal it....then put on my pure silk scarf....i went to the fabric store and got half a yard of pure silk and got my needle n thread and made a regular scarf and thats what I put on my head. :) Only the best for me.

    I seal with my signature ugandan east african shea butter. I had 5lbs of it. Its practically impossible to find east african in bulk but for obvious civil reasons over there. Anyway, I mix it with another super oil and my friends love the bright orange color and the way it really works. its simple but effective. I should start selling it. I love it.


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