I am Proud of My Hair!

You guys know that I'm in love with my Natural Hair! I mean, everyone that knows me know that this is one of the best decisions I've ever made with my hair. I am proud to say that I've found a hair style that I absolutely love, and I've been wanting to get to this point since the beginning of my journey. I've wanted this hair style, plus many many more, but it feels good to get the look that you wanted for a long time. It only took 1 year and 2 weeks to get it. What a Blessing! Another crazy thing about this style is that I use to have my sister (@AllAboutAnjel) sew weave into my hair to get the look that I can now get with my very own Natural Hair! Isn't that awesome. Anyways, below is a picture of my good friend Carlicia and I out and about.

It's getting full and long y'all!
I tried to edit the picture so she wouldn't look so bright and
so you all could actually see her face lol


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