Important Message: For New Naturals

My Daily intake is 3 of these!

I'm sure you've heard this over and over again, "Your hair needs Moisture!" "Water is your friend!" ...and that is more than true, but to add onto this fact. So does your body! Yeah, The outside, and the inside :)

Drink plenty of water daily. Doing this can help your body and your hair. Also, take vitamins daily. Either One A Day for Women / Men, or ladies you can even take prenatal pills, although you may not be pregnant. Vitamins are great for your body & hair!

I said all of this to say, Drink More water & Take Vitamins! I actually looked up my daily water intake, and it is 3 liters (about 100 ounces daily). That's alot huh, 8 glasses of water a day sound like alot too, but if it needs to be done. Do it! Try putting down the soda, and pick up a bottle of water instead! 

Find out your daily water intake by Clicking Here, you'll have to answer a few questions!


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