Hello Beautiful People! I’ve been off and on lately. I’ve started a new job. It’s with the same company, but I’ve moved up a little YAY me!

See, this proves that a Black Woman w/ Natural Hair has no limits at work. If I did it, you can too.

So I just want to update my lovely friends (you guys) on a few things. I am 1 year 15 days natural today, and my hair has really grown as you all can imagine. I am collarbone length on the sides. A little past my neck in the back, but for some odd reason. My bang area is short. I do not like that much, but I’m just letting it do its thing. Everywhere else is pretty cool, but my bangs seem to be the slowest part to grow J…Well, I want to thank all of my new friends, and old friends for sticking with me.

I know I’ve been gone, but you all are sooooo amazing. Love you Guys!


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