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Hair Scarf Styling Tutorial


Natural Hair Can Save You Time & Money!

Before going natural I was a 'SQ', yes I was a Salon Queen. Before deciding to go natural I went to my beautician often, and if I wasn't in the salon, I was doing my hair at home or having my sis Latashi do my hair. At the salon I would spend at least $40 for a hairstyle that included a wash, sitting under the dryer for about 15 minutes plus, then sitting in the chair for however long for the style I chose. The longest I've been in the salon was about 5 hours. Crazy HUH?! lol but my beautician always did an excellent job. I walked out looking like a model, but my hair was being damaged. To keep the style up I would go home, and flat iron my hair a couple days later, or whatever to keep my look up. (Heat is a huge no no!) I never let my beautician perm my hair, so the $40 plus dollars was just for a style. If I thought I needed a perm, I would go to Target, a hair store, or Wal-Mart to get the perm I always used. Botanicals Relaxer, or the Silent Hair Killer! It was $5 …

Hair of the Day!

When people with natural hair think of updos, what do they think of...well the 'Hair of the Day' today surely is something I think about, and is brought to life in a marvelous way. I love this Braided-up mohawk bun style. It screams confidence!

UpDo with Jamaican Braiding Hair!


Protect Your Hairline!

This is one of the hardest parts of our hair to keep in order and break-free.
The whole hairline...not only the front but the back (the kitchen) as well.
These areas are prone to breakage, because for most, this is the thinnest part of our hair.

I ask, Are you protecting your hairline?
Here are a few reasons for hairline breakage that I've learned personally and from other's experiences:

Face wash, alcohol, make-up, etc: Yes, When we put these products on our faces, or wash them off. We tend to touch our sides, or the front of our hair. Sometimes residue is left, and not properly rinsed away. This can definitely cause breakage. Our skin and our scalp can not take the same treatment. Therefore, when you're washing your face with that alcohol pad, and you're touching your hairline...rinsing with water afterwards will be a great idea. This will help get any left over make-up, face wash cream, etc. off of your face and out of your hairline.Brushing: Many people put their fav…

(Great Video) Scarves As Hair Accessories


Baltimore Natural Haircare Expo 2012


Great Tutorial on Headwrapping



I'm sure there are many names for this infamous hat worn by beautiful naturals all over the globe, but I was once told that the style of the hat is a hobo hat. Oh well, it's cute and can be worn in so many ways and with just about any outfit. It can protect our strands during harsh hair seasons. I think every natural should own one personally. The best way to wear it and protect your lovely curls at the same time is to put on a satin bonnet or hair wrap on your hair under it, so it won't rub up against your hair too much.

Below are a few Natural ladies rocking their hobo hats the right way.

My Hair Growth!

As you all may know, I am now 19 Months 3 weeks Natural!!!! ...and one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life! I'm so happy I decided to go natural. My hair is SOOO lovely and the styles are remarkable. I'll tell anyone to transition. I can't say it enough...Natural hair is Amazing. Remember God gave us these curls, so we must cherish each one. ;-)
Well, here is a photo that I took on the 19th month mark...CHECK OUT The Growth! I went from FAD to PONYTAIL!!! (I was 2 months natural in the left pic)

My Hairstyles!!!

  I've been rocking Updos, Curly Wigs, Twist-Outs, you name it! I have done it all during these past months and I've falling in love with my hair every single day. Most women/ppl say, "Oh, When you're pregnant, your hair GROWS girl!" Well, mines was at a stand-still. It seemed like my baby girl took everything from me. lol I'm serious! My bones hurt and all, but one thing that remand was the thickness and shine of my natural hair. It's still as healthy as before. Although the growth was minimum during my pregnancy. Since she's been here, 6 weeks, I've seen growth. This is shocking to me knowing that this is what our natural hair GROW!
Here's a few other styles that I've worn:   

Where Have I Been?!

Hey Beautiful People, My Readers, My Subscribers!

I've Missed You All SOOOOO Much...More than you know. I've been gone for a while and I'm back now! During my absence, I've had a beautiful baby girl named Avah. She was born Feb. 8th @ 8:36 am weighing 6 pounds even. I had her naturally (like my with NO meds. Yeah, I'm a survivor y'all. I'm so in love too you guys. She is the light of my day. I'm sure all of the parents out there know what I mean.

I've also gained hair growth and dabbled in many hairstyles on my break from Natural Expression!

Here are a few pictures.

A Hair Story: @NaturalGlamDiva

I am honored to feature the "Hair Story" of Ms. Dawn or what most may know her as  Natural Glam Diva through her YouTube Channel / Twitter / FB / Blog. Yeah, she's a very busy lady!  Dawn was so kind to let me interview her to discuss her lovely Hair Journey. Be sure to Comment & Subscribe I know you will be inspired! Visit her YouTube Channel, Add on Twitter Or Friend Her on Facebook...just click the links below her Hair Story!

Natural Expression:How long have you been natural? Natural Glam Diva: 4yrs
Natural Expression:What made you decide to gonatural? Why? Natural Glam Diva: My daughter started asking for a perm, I didn't want her hair to go through what mines did, & I wanted her to know God didn't make mistake on our hair. I had to lead by example 

Natural Expression:How did you go natural? BC..transition..locs  Natural Glam Diva: I transitioned with kinky twist, quick weaves, straw curls & twist outs

Natural Expression:What is your Hair Type? Natural Glam Di…

Beauty Tip of the Day!

Think of yourself as attractive. No one has the right to judge how you look but you, and if you decide to be good-looking, then that is what you will portray and that is what you will be!