I'm sure there are many names for this infamous hat worn by beautiful naturals all over the globe, but I was once told that the style of the hat is a hobo hat. Oh well, it's cute and can be worn in so many ways and with just about any outfit. It can protect our strands during harsh hair seasons. I think every natural should own one personally. The best way to wear it and protect your lovely curls at the same time is to put on a satin bonnet or hair wrap on your hair under it, so it won't rub up against your hair too much.

Below are a few Natural ladies rocking their hobo hats the right way.


  1. i like to wear my "hobo hat " because my hair is really short and i could put little flat twists or brush my hair back and then the hat and it appears like i have more length than i do or like my whole hair is combed :D


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