My Hairstyles!!!

Taken 3/10/2012 (Wig)

March 17th (St. Patrick's Day)
I've been rocking Updos, Curly Wigs, Twist-Outs, you name it! I have done it all during these past months and I've falling in love with my hair every single day. Most women/ppl say, "Oh, When you're pregnant, your hair GROWS girl!" Well, mines was at a stand-still. It seemed like my baby girl took everything from me. lol I'm serious! My bones hurt and all, but one thing that remand was the thickness and shine of my natural hair. It's still as healthy as before. Although the growth was minimum during my pregnancy. Since she's been here, 6 weeks, I've seen growth. This is shocking to me knowing that this is what our natural hair GROW!

Here's a few other styles that I've worn:

Being Goofy, My friends & I called this the 'Church Hat Tryouts' &
Yep, I got a flat iron in February and I was amazed of the growth!

Here's the Backview of my flat iron in February!

This is the result of a flat twist out that I did!


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