Where Have I Been?!

Hey Beautiful People, My Readers, My Subscribers!

I've Missed You All SOOOOO Much...More than you know. I've been gone for a while and I'm back now! During my absence, I've had a beautiful baby girl named Avah. She was born Feb. 8th @ 8:36 am weighing 6 pounds even. I had her naturally (like my hair...lol) with NO meds. Yeah, I'm a survivor y'all. I'm so in love too you guys. She is the light of my day. I'm sure all of the parents out there know what I mean.

I've also gained hair growth and dabbled in many hairstyles on my break from Natural Expression!

Here are a few pictures.
7 Months Pregnant!

5 Weeks Old :-)

She's Having A HUGE Fit!


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