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Kerry's 2 Year Natural Hair Update


A Hair Story: @VixenLiaMiller

I am honored to feature the " Hair Story " of Ms. Lia or what most may know her as Vixen Lia Miller!!! Lia was so kind to let me interview her to discuss her lovely Hair Journey. Be sure to Comment & Subscribe I know you will be inspired! Take a Look at her portfolio HERE , and Add her on Twitter HERE ! Contact Her Here: @ShrenAKO Interviews @VixenLiaMiller Natural Shren: How long have you been natural? Lia Miller: I have been natural most of my life, because of my tri-racial makeup. I made attempts to use relaxers in the past, but chemicals never took to my hair. With one shampoo or drop of rain, my kinks and waves returned. I feel and look far better with my natural hair. Natural Shren: Describe your Hair Type? Lia Miller: I have always described my hair as a war against many nations that are all leading in equal victory. My hair is kinky, curly, wavy and silky. With a good conditioner and brushing, it becomes straight to w

Watch OUT for these Bad Ingredients!

1) Isopropyl Alcohol: Dries and Breaks African American or Ethnic hair. It is found in color rinses, anti-freeze. 2) Mineral Oil/ Petrolatum : It used as a moisturizer in African American or Ethnic hair care products; however, it coats African American or Ethnic hair, actually preventing moisture from getting into the thirsty hair. It is a derivative of crude oil and a cheap industrial grease component. It also prevents the release of toxins from African American or Ethnic hair and alters the skin respiration by preventing oxygen release. 3) Polyethylene Glycol (PEG): Strips African American or Ethnic hair of critical moisture. Used as an emulsifier in products, dissolves oils and grease. 4) Propylene Glycol (PG) : An active component in many African American or Ethnic hair care products, make up, lotions, mouthwashes, and deodorant, PG is the active component of anti-freeze and actually deteriorates the protein and cellular structure of African American or Ethnic hair. Protein

Protein & Moisture - BEWARE: Too much Hair Protein

There is a difference between your hair needing Moisture or in need of a Protein Treatment. One way to see if your hair needs protein, grab one of your curls while your hair is very wet/damp. Stretch it all the way out and let go. If the curl bounces right back into place. You have a good amount of protein: If you stretch it all the way out and it gets limp or even break off after letting go, you seriously need moisture. Fast! Hurry up, get a spray bottle filled with distilled water and SPRAY ! Another way to tell if your hair lacks moisture: If its really dry by the feel. Not so much by the sight, because our hair texture sometimes lack the view of being moisturized when it really is, so if it feels dry. Then it is dry! Moisturize your strands ASAP! PROTEIN : Protein is what gives the hair its strength and structure. Hair is about 70% keratin protein by nature. Protein is found most prevalently in products like instant conditioners (bargain brands like Suave and V05)

Da Brat is Back w/ her Natural!

Looks like one of America's best female rappers is back from her long industry wait. Her new album is coming pretty soon, but I think what's really going to take people's breath away is her new look. She grew up, I mean, she's dressing like a woman now, and she's rocking the natural look. Big ups to Da Brat. You're looking lovely girl!

Vogue Italia flashes Natural Hair Spread

Natural hair is taking mainstream. From television to the internet and now high fashion magazines like Vogue Italia are all promoting our loven't natural curls as true beauty. I'm loving every bit of it too. I get excited to see black women wearing their natural hair, especially in the media! What do you think?  photo fom Vogue 

Love Her Hair!

Express Yourself...Don't be afraid to let your hair do it's thing!

Hair of the Day! [Celeb Style]

You already know who it is...Ms.Solange Knowles! She recently shared her hair regimen with Garance Dore. (Below)... Looks like she keeps it simple! " Carols Daughter Monoi oil shampoo and conditioner." I also use raw shea butter every day and pure Argon oil when its really dry (so pure, it makes me smell like a basket of nuts) Once a week I set up a time where I wash and deep condition and very carefully comb out my hair, always starting with the ends first. Yesterday was that day, and so I literally popped in a dvd ( My Week With Marilyn  to be exact)…sectioned off my hair with clips, and combed. I usually sit under a heat cap to penetrate the conditioner and when it’s all clean and rinsed, I twist it with two strands of hair into twists. When I take them out, I shower again …not getting the hair wet, but letting the steam frizz my hair up a bit more. Occasionally when I am tired of this lengthy regimen , I get braids or wear extensions in the same texture as my