Speaking Out: The Word Nappy!

There is something about this word that I don't like! When I discuss how much I dislike the word 'Nappy', some people say...Well, that's how we describe our hair texture. That is not true in my eyes. There are so many ways to describe our hair texture. I personally believe the word nappy is mentioned out of hate nowadays. When someone thinks of the word nappy, they think of kinks, a mess, dry, nasty looking hair.

That is not our hair!

The word Nappy is negative. I don't say it and I don't say the word kinky either.

I prefer Curly, because that's what our hair is, it's Curly. Whether the curls are loose or tight. Those of African decent have beautiful curls. Another thing, I no longer call Locs, dreadlocks anymore. Simply because there is nothing dreadful about them. Locs are a beautiful form of styling your hair, and very unique. I call them locs now!

I read a book called "Hair Story" years ago and I remember reading when Africans were brought over to America their combs were taken from them, because they knew how much we cherished our natural hair. Our hair started to LOCK up, being that we could not comb our hair. Soon, the Whites would say our hair looked dreadful and disgusting. That's where the name dreadlocks originated.

Therefore, I call them Locs! I advise all of my Expressions Hair Boutique formerly Natural Expression readers to read this book. There is much more to learn and it explains our "Hair Story".

How do you feel about the word 'NAPPY'?

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