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A Hair Story: @CurlyChronicles

Ms. CurlyChronicles i s one of the best Natural Hair Vlogger's I've seen & I am honored to feature her for this week's " A Hair Story ". She was so kind to let me interview her on her lovely Hair Journey. You will be inspired. Please leave a comment and subscribe! If you'll like to ask her a question about her journey, Feel free to reach her through her Youtube Channel, or Twitter. @CurlyChronicles Natural Expression: How long have you been natural? CurlyChronicles: I've been natural since 2003, my 8 year anniversary was in March! Natural Expression: What made you decide to go natural? Why? CurlyChronicles: My hair was thin, and fried, and colored, and broken off. So I decided to try leaving it alone and ditching the heat and the rest is history..perhaps herstory :) Natural Expression: How did you go natural? BC..transition..locs CurlyChronicles: I had thin, dyed hair but it wasn't permed, it just mimicked permed