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Welcome to Expressions Hair Boutique
Thank You for your interest in advertising or sponsorship with us!

It is my wish to help your business flourish.
To help motivate and inspire your customers and/or readers, and grow a wonderful business relationship with you! There are several options available to help get the word out about your business or brand. Take a look at the options below to determine which suits your need.

Banner/Logo/Ad Placement
Would you like to see your logo or banner strategically placed on our site where it will be one of the first views of our readers? Most people are stimulated by visual perception, banners, and logos are accepted and resized if needed, in order for strategic placement where our readers will see them the most! Text-links and HTML are also accepted. Ads will run consecutively according to our fee schedule. For more information please contact me through Email, Facebook or Instagram.

Sponsored Posts 
Would you like an entire post dedicated to your Blog, Business or Product?
Send an email or DM on IG for more information. Expressions Hair Boutique does not accept monetary compensation for sponsored posts at this time, yet we do ask for social media post exchange, for more information please contact us.  (Include ADVERTISING or SPONSORSHIP in the subject line)

Product Reviews & Giveaways
Giveaways are welcomed! Everyone loves the opportunity to win a great product or incentive. Each giveaway is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We allow giveaways for products that adhere to the mission or theme of Expressions Hair Boutique (I.e. Hair products, skin and beauty products, earrings and jewelry, hair accessories, hair tools, natural hair tees, black pride tees and merchandise, etc.). Product reviews are one of the top sources in helping consumers decide if a product is right for them. Expressions Hair Boutique will test and introduce products to our readers, we will maintain a honest, truthful, thorough experience when using each product(s). If a product is submitted for review and is found to not be satisfactory, you will be contacted directly in regards to the product or service prior to any final review. Additional products are always welcome for giveaways. If you or your company/brand would like to send products for review, please contact me at, or through social media (IG & FB). (Include ADVERTISING or SPONSORSHIP in the subject line)

Sponsorship & Compensation
Sponsorship is a beautiful thing when you find an amazing dynamic. We are always open to Sponsorships with an individual or company who will be of interest to both Expressions Hair Boutique, as well as ours readers. Financial compensation is accepted via sponsorship and monetary. Expressions Hair Boutique accept giveaways for our site viewers and will review products on a case by case basis.


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