My Hair Story

From Then To Now

My texture

What is my hair type?
I have 4A-4B hair.

How long have I been natural?
I've been natural since 2010. I started by transitioning about a month and then one day out of no where I decided to do the Big Chop, July 28, 2010 to be exact.

Why did I decide to go natural?
I thought about going natural since 2007 Three years before actually doing the big chop I got my hair cut very short. I stopped getting perms, but with my lack of knowledge and going to the shop every 2 weeks. My hair got longer during this time,  but I did not know that I was "Natural" during that time. I was getting my hair flat ironed and had not a clue. Again, my lack of knowledge. So once I was unable to afford the biweekly show visits. I bought a perm and the damage begun. July 2010, I told myself, enough is enough! Before that point my hair began breaking off from the perm and heat, plus I had recently dyed it blond. I needed my hair to go back the way God made it. Looking at my baby pictures I knew it was beautiful. I wanted that again. I set the date, and I DID IT!

What have I discovered?
I’ve learned that no one has the same hair. No one soul. Your curls will always curl differently. Not all products that say "natural" really got to read labels if you're looking for natural products. Don’t just buy anything because it worked on your friend’s hair. Read about it, look at product reviews, YouTube is golden, or you can try it and find out for yourself. Avoid being a product junkie, although it’s very hard, trust me I know. YouTube was alot of help when I started out, and its still a great source. I also discovered that my hair is very, very unique and it is lovely. Suffering from the perms all those years, now it  has really flourished

October 2010 - 3 Months Natural

What technique has helped my hair the most?
My Hair loves to be washed and deep conditioned weekly and moisturized daily. I always comb my hair when it’s wet and with a good amount of conditioner. My curls stand out more when I use natural oils such as jojoba oil and almond oil when damped. I also use Cantu Shea Butter when it is damp. When I have the time, I will do a two strand twist and my hair stays soft for days afterwards. I moisturize my hair with different products.

After 3 Big Chops I'm finally past my shoulders!
My Advice to Readers:
Don't stress over your hair. I had to learn the hard way. I have literally started and restarted with my hair on too many occasions. I've Big Chopped a Total of 3x during these years. Not because of chemical damage, but because of not showing my hair the care that it needed. Overall don't stress yourself. Love your hair that God has given you! No matter the length or hair type. Natural hair is more versatile than any other hair style by far. Wear nice earrings, hair bows, scarfs, headbands, or whatever. Be naturally beautiful!

My Texture & Growth Over Time!
First, let's discuss my texture. Most of my hair is 4B, but I do have strands that are 4A.  My hair is mostly 4B all in the back, and 4A in the front. My hair, like many others out there, grow longer in the back and shorter in the front. I am almost 10 years natural.

I've seen a lot of growth over the years, but I've also learned so much about my hair and hair in general. I could go on and on about what to do and what not to do to get your hair growing, because I've literally had hands on learning. lol. But overall I truly love my curl pattern and my hair is so unique. I never regret going natural. I have not had a perm in 10 years and I won't ever again!!

Long healthy natural hair is my Focus!
What's Your Focus? Tell me your story!


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